I Am Hucow, And I Need To Be Milked

370: I Am Hucow, And I Need To Be Milked

Hucows (a portmanteau of "human" and "cows") is a word to describe a special kind of lactation fetishist — a gender-divided community (the cows and the farmers), w…

Destroy Weak Men

369: Destroy Weak Men

In 1996, Diana The Valkyrie set up a website using raw HTML and her own computer in order to provide erotica for people who like the idea of strong women crushing weak men. And now, 25…

Not Even Once-ler

368: Not Even Once-ler

In 2012, Dr. Seuss' widow and the Despicable Me company released a movie called The Lorax. It is entirely valueless, but that's not the point. The point is that the movie had a skinny…

Goodbye! Yahoo! Answers!

367: Goodbye! Yahoo! Answers!

After over 15 years of cultivating some of the dumbest questions The Internet has ever pondered, a series of truly horrific business decisions forced Yahoo Answers to shut down…

Let's Do The Time Loaf Again

366: Let's Do The Time Loaf Again

Hang on, didn't the F Plus do a Mandela Effect episode before? Well, this reality has us going to the r/MandelaEffect subreddit, before realizing that r/Retconned is even stupider and…

The Bimboification of The F Plus

365: The Bimboification of The F Plus

Inteligence iz a u konw, relativ concept, and of absolutely kinda relativ uz. While many wudd venerate intellect and self-determination as key factorz of absolutely living a ful life,…

Sploshing Sploshing Sploshing! Oi Oi Oi!

364: Sploshing Sploshing Sploshing! Oi Oi Oi!

The Urban Dictionary defines sploshing as “a sexual/sensual food exchange, in which at least one person covers another person in foods of different tastes, textures, and temperatures.” So …

Here Come Da Advicinators

363: Here Come Da Advicinators

Predating some of the more well-known question and answer sites, the website Advicinators dates back all the way to 2003, and it hasn't changed a whole lot in the decades since.…

A Permanent Predilection

362: A Permanent Predilection

Jeroen Wagemakers has a fetish, and he's been blogging about it since 2006. You see, Jeroen likes perms, but like, a lot. A whole lot. It really cannot be overstated how much Jeroen…

Night of the Blood Sorceress

361: Night of the Blood Sorceress

The Sorceress Cagliastro is an author, a teacher, a necromancer, a bloodwitch, a haunted doll maker, a 3D printmaker, and a relentless huckster. To that end, she has a whole lot of…

All My Starchildren

360: All My Starchildren

Do you have alien-human hybrid children you've never met? Well it turns out that simply reading this means that you do. We know, we were surprised too. We're visiting the Hybrid…

It's Time For Erotic Poetry

359: It's Time For Erotic Poetry

This episode is all poetry, and that poetry is entirely sourced from Fetlife. This week, How more intense is The F Plus' hunger, Cameron?

Fighting Over Nothing

358: Fighting Over Nothing

The Dream Fiction Wiki is a place where people work very hard to catalog, annotate and describe fake things that never happened. And while this may seem like a useless exercise, the…

Vintage Conspiracy Theories From 2002 Or Earlier

357: Vintage Conspiracy Theories From 2002 Or Earlier

None of the websites we read in this episode are still online outside of archive.org, but all of them follow one basic rule: Every conspiracy theory must have been written before 50…

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Dragons On Usenet

356: Dragons On Usenet

----- thoughts drift by: ----- < alt.fan.dragons is over 25 years old > < indifferent to time, immortal beings reside > < saying dumb shit with weird formatting > --…



Rather than looking at a single website, we're going on a world tour to experience SWEATER FETISH in lots of different places: Custom-knitted skintight wool catsuits, gay sweater…

This One Is For My Gull Girls

354: This One Is For My Gull Girls

The Aesthetics Wiki has devoted itself to the cataloguing of hundreds and hundreds of aesthetics and subcultures which are seemingly identical to each other. This may seem like a…

Boobs In Raingear

353: Boobs In Raingear

The people over at Rainwear Central have a fetish for rainwear. Whether it's ponchos or mackintoshes, wellingtons or sou'westers – they've got a lot of words to write, and they're all w…

We're All Prisoners On A Borg Ship

352: We're All Prisoners On A Borg Ship

For years, a Tumblr user by the name of Sylphiste was trying to turn normal brains into galaxy brains with his pontifications on conformity, pop music, feminism, hostile alien…

Hail Britannica

351: Hail Britannica

The Fake Countries Wikia is a place where people can catalog countries that are not real, have never been real, and have never appeared in any piece of fiction or writing before this…

The Similar Worlds Project

350: The Similar Worlds Project

Similar Worlds is a website where users can share their own allegedly true life experiences in a quest for acceptance, comfort and camaraderie. Naturally, this means going off on…

Erotic Stories of Mind Control

349: Erotic Stories of Mind Control

I don't know what you'd expect when visiting MC Stories Dot Com, but what you'll end up with is a minimalist website hosting over 12,000 stories of mind control being used for sexual…

Do Not Summon Beelzebub

348: Do Not Summon Beelzebub

The heavily art directed magickians over at BECOME A LIVING GOD have a number of products they'd like to sell you, and about half of those are supposed to help you get laid. There's a…

That Hyperboard Over Thair

347: That Hyperboard Over Thair

Men love to go on the internet and compare length. In this case, it's just their hair. We're going to be surfing The Information Superhighway and logging on to The Men's Long Hair…

How To Get Fat

346: How To Get Fat

There's an amazing array of food out there in the world today, and yet we're still struggling with the question “How can a person get fat?” But, fortunately, “Doctor” Feeder has taken it upon…

Thisepisodeis Verycrazy

345: Thisepisodeis Verycrazy

Crucially, this episode is not about the television show Supernanny. It is about the Supernanny Fanon Wiki, a website with over 10,000 pages devoted to alternate universe fanfiction…


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