This Is Not A wikiHow Episode

226: This Is Not A wikiHow Episode

Launched in 1999, eHow is a content farm built to give advice on how to perform crucial tasks and it is, crucially, not wikiHow. It's still very much F Plus worthy though, as you can…

Something Something Disrupt

225: Something Something Disrupt

The internet is an exciting global landscape under constant dynamic upheaval. I have no idea what any of that means, but we're talking about tech startups here, so it doesn't really…

UGH! F Plus Raps

224: UGH! F Plus Raps

It's been too long since our last musical episode, but this one is worth the wait. We gathered together some of The F Plus' greatest hip-hop enthusiasts (and also Boots) to browse the…

Penis Problems & Water

223: Penis Problems & Water

Do you understand homeopathy? We don't. So we brought The Internet's own K. Thor Jensen along as we took a good long browse through the forums of ABC Homeopathy. We still don't…

The Left Hand Complaints

222: The Left Hand Complaints

With an estimated 2.4 million visits per hour, PornHub is one of the most popular websites on The Internet. In serving up petabytes of data to a huge customer base who are, by design,…

Specialty Wankers

221: Specialty Wankers

The Internet is frequently looking to expand the scope of human knowledge, and My Masturbation is a site doing that in a unique way. Offering hundreds of unique masturbation…

Girl Pits Boys

220: Girl Pits Boys

As we've demonstrated so far, human sexuality is a complicated and frequently confusing morass. And to that end, we present to you: The men of GirlPits. They like the armpits of girls.…

Teens Talkin Trash On Gaia Online

219: Teens Talkin Trash On Gaia Online

With over 28 million members and 13 years of history, Gaia Online could accurately be called one of the most popular forums on the internet. It's central feature is a gamification…

Idiocy is the Mother of These Inventions

218: Idiocy is the Mother of These Inventions

In the past, The F Plus has provided listeners with all sorts of inventions that the internet has come up with and wants to sell to the general public. And, well, let's not complicate…

Steal This Episode

217: Steal This Episode

The internet is frequently a place where people brag about their talents in a particular skill, and if that skill is stealing things from stores, well that's just fine. We're looking…



Victor is feeling a little under the weather, and it just so happens that Quantum Man offers "The World's First Downloadable Medicine". In keeping with the spirit of…

Oculus Cruft

215: Oculus Cruft

It's a confluence of technologies and interests that brought us to this point, but we're here. With a number of viable VR options released to the market, we find ourselves taking our…

Jerks Off Of Jerking Off

214: Jerks Off Of Jerking Off

NoFap is a community, fortified by Reddit, where men (and hypothetically women, but always men) can discuss how they've reached their full physical and intellectual potential since…

You're Reviewing It Wrong

213: You're Reviewing It Wrong

A self-published author has a difficult job to do when it comes to promotion. They've got to follow sales, trends, promotions, press, design, and beyond all that, they go on Good Reads…

History of the Dozerfleet Part 2

212: History of the Dozerfleet Part 2

In late 2013, we focused on a particular man who calls himself The Dozerfleet Founder; a person who has written over a thousand pages of wiki devoted to himself, and the projects he…

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For decades, David Icke has been speaking loudly and publicly about his hypothesis that Reptoids (that is, beings who appear human but who are actually decendents of the Lizard People…

Adventures in ReTale

210: Adventures in ReTale

Working in retail can be a stressful and thankless experience, but as in all things, the internet is there to help. NotAlwaysRight is a place where visitors can share their stories of…

Clips Against Humanity

209: Clips Against Humanity

Founded in 2001, clips4sale.com has served as an open-air fetish bazaar catering to all sorts of hyperspecific sexual interests of the people who are willing to pay a premium. We try…

I Am Only A Mouth Yet Cannot Scream

208: I Am Only A Mouth Yet Cannot Scream

Sooooo..... Fleshlight has forums. Did you know this? We didn't know this. Spooks found out about it and now that's what we're reading. As it turns out, this is a surprisingly active…

Can I Borrow Your Brain?

207: Can I Borrow Your Brain?

There's a number of websites out there that can try to teach you some certain type of magic spell, or some certain type of mind control technique, but the superpredators over at Xtreme…

Return To Castle Experience Project

206: Return To Castle Experience Project

The Experience Project is a site where members can share their own life experiences. And then, because this is the internet, those very same members can argue with each other about who…

A Portland Podcast

A Portland Podcast

Lemon recently visited Portland. He met up with his friends Jack Chick and Nutshell Gulag to explore the city's restaurants, shops and bars. When the day was over and the group had…

Altered Creeps

205: Altered Creeps

The Transformation Story Archive is a very old website where participants share stories about turning into different things: bears, statues, the other sex, and concepts too horrible to…

Slap 'Em Sane

204: Slap 'Em Sane

We've focused on a lot of people with varying mental disorders, so it's time to talk a little bit about mental health. Andy Kadir-Buxton is an unlicensed medical practioner who, in…

It's Toasted

203: It's Toasted

Hoping to make some better decisions in his life, Lemon's been taking some time self examining his smoking habit. Then he reached out to his friend Montrith to see if she had any…

The Forum And The Fury

202: The Forum And The Fury

Life can be frustrating at times. To that end, there are sites on the internet where people can go and type the subjects of their anger into a form for others to read. These screeds…


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