(Untitled Vaping Episode)

242: (Untitled Vaping Episode)

As vaporizers became more popular in recent years, the internet did what it does: turn an uninteresting pastime into a cultural signifier with its own jargon and infighting. And so…


241: DRUGS!

Drugs Forum is (and this may surprise you) a forum where people talk about using drugs. That is, hundreds of thousands of people, over millions of threads, gathering to discuss the…

You Need Satan More Than He Needs You

240: You Need Satan More Than He Needs You

The Satanic International Network (or SIN, hyuk hyuk) bills itself as "the most popular social networking site for Satanists". While I'm not really sure how many sites they…

Here Are Some More Of My Favorite Kinks

239: Here Are Some More Of My Favorite Kinks

Back in 2014, we did an episode on a website called F-List, which is a site where furry perverts can share their fetishes in hopes of finding a match with similar bizarre turn-ons. …

We Wuv Wawa

238: We Wuv Wawa

There's a lot of justifiable reasons for a modern human to be angry, but the mostly anonymous users of PissedConsumer.com haven't stumbled on any of them. Instead, this is a site about…

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Craigslist Has Forums?

237: Craigslist Has Forums?

While Grindr may have revolutionized the way people have anonymous gay sex, Craigslist is still a useful repository for people looking for gross furniture, seedy "modeling"…

Mana From Heathens

236: Mana From Heathens

California rich guy and man who has opinions Rob Rhinehart invented Soylent as an open source replacement to the unbearable agony of preparing and eating food. And since its inception…

This Hub Is A Mess

235: This Hub Is A Mess

This episode is about HubPages.com (don't forget the asshole).

Question.com And The Morons

234: Question.com And The Morons

Of the many dubious question and answer websites that The F Plus has covered so far, Question.com is certainly one of them. This week, we're visiting The Rude Boy Planet.

Yes, But Can I Get A Man's Opinion?

233: Yes, But Can I Get A Man's Opinion?

Near as we can tell, the website Girls Ask Guys exists for two reasons: To provide women with insight on the innermost thoughts that drive the actions of men, and to surprise you with…

Myers' Frigs

232: Myers' Frigs

According to the Washington Post, roughly 2 million people a year take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. And according to A Number I Just Made Up, 66% of those were administered by…

F Plus Live 5 | The Finnish Incident | Part 1

F Plus Live 5 | The Finnish Incident | Part 1

Finland's plot is unleashed! In the fifth F Plus Live show (The Finnish Incident), each reader will approach the stage to be met by Montrith's courier, who will give them material they…

F Plus Live 5 | The Finnish Incident | Part 2

F Plus Live 5 | The Finnish Incident | Part 2

The agony continues! With F Plus Live undaunted by Montrith's first selections, she reaches for incompehensible dialect, hardcore dorkporn, and selections of poetry. Did we mention the…

F Plus Live 5 | The Finnish Incident | Part 3

F Plus Live 5 | The Finnish Incident | Part 3

The explosive finale! Montrith turns the screws on the audience, but they prove resiliant. This is part three of three. And we start it out with Lemon and a piece of music journalism…

Episode 231 The Hedgehog

231: Episode 231 The Hedgehog

The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise has a fanbase that frequently creates their own "original characters" with all of the care, originality and effort that went into the…

Huge Hoops Hard Dudes

230: Huge Hoops Hard Dudes

The men of HoopFetish.com are sexually excited by hoop earrings. And it's okay if you don't trust me on this, because they've written a number of words themselves to support this…

The Space In Our Planet

229: The Space In Our Planet

Our brand new intern is in the mix while Lemon forgets which setting his microphone is supposed to be on and we explore the science behind The Concave Earth Theory! Popularized by…

United Nations of Dinguses

228: United Nations of Dinguses

Nation States is a game where players can create their own idealized version of a country, ally with other nations in the game, pass resolutions, and vie for supremacy. Separate from…

Self Publish And Perish

227: Self Publish And Perish

Our modern internet affords lots of opportunities for self-expression. However, these things remain ephemeral, and some authors long for the physicality of the written word.…

This Is Not A wikiHow Episode

226: This Is Not A wikiHow Episode

Launched in 1999, eHow is a content farm built to give advice on how to perform crucial tasks and it is, crucially, not wikiHow. It's still very much F Plus worthy though, as you can…

Something Something Disrupt

225: Something Something Disrupt

The internet is an exciting global landscape under constant dynamic upheaval. I have no idea what any of that means, but we're talking about tech startups here, so it doesn't really…

UGH! F Plus Raps

224: UGH! F Plus Raps

It's been too long since our last musical episode, but this one is worth the wait. We gathered together some of The F Plus' greatest hip-hop enthusiasts (and also Boots) to browse the…

Penis Problems & Water

223: Penis Problems & Water

Do you understand homeopathy? We don't. So we brought The Internet's own K. Thor Jensen along as we took a good long browse through the forums of ABC Homeopathy. We still don't…

The Left Hand Complaints

222: The Left Hand Complaints

With an estimated 2.4 million visits per hour, PornHub is one of the most popular websites on The Internet. In serving up petabytes of data to a huge customer base who are, by design,…

Specialty Wankers

221: Specialty Wankers

The Internet is frequently looking to expand the scope of human knowledge, and My Masturbation is a site doing that in a unique way. Offering hundreds of unique masturbation…

Girl Pits Boys

220: Girl Pits Boys

As we've demonstrated so far, human sexuality is a complicated and frequently confusing morass. And to that end, we present to you: The men of GirlPits. They like the armpits of girls.…


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