Some people drew these...

i don't have time for dumb fake people that think they're playing smart people games and getting away with it! ~ art by T. Azimuth Schwitters
T. Azimuth Schwitters
Perennial Dissatisfaction ~ art by Spooks
art by Jin Wicked
Jin Wicked
and they think WE are dumb ~ art by Adam Bozarth
art by eldritchhat
art by Sanguinary Novel
Paula Deen: How much butter ya got? ~ art by Adam Bozarth
prying open my third eye ~ art by Sauce
art by Sauce
art by Shell Game
art by transatlanticalien
Psychic Attack ~ art by Moxie Ramsey
NIP HARD ~ art by Spooks
New and improved JO Crystal ~ art by Beelzeboob
Algore The Warrior fights Slaughterbus ~ art by Sauce
samurai dog ~ art by Puppy Time
art by Moxie Ramsey
makes me wanna cum donkey sauce on a flip-flop ~ art by sadman_southers
art by Sanguinary Novel
art by Portaxx
art by Positronic
art by Sham Bam Bamina
window peeper ~ art by For The Love
For The Love
Silly-Face Solo ~ art by Sauce
Tax your people harder, slut! ~ art by eldritchhat
The Further Adventures of Buff Grandpa ~ art by Steve Rimjobs
Steve Rimjobs
She lies! She did not swallow it! ~ art by Sauce
This is my red, WTF and blue drawing ~ art by Adam Bozarth
All the single Aesir ~ art by Sauce
art by For The Love
For The Love
NUKE THE MOON!!! ~ art by Mango Tango
Mango Tango
art by Amelia Blank
abuse the gums ~ art by Sham Bam Bamina
soften scaly elbows ~ art by Puppy Time
ant with human eyes ~ art by Sauce
BEAST and geeky girl face off against the buttplug monster ~ art by Spooks
Flowerface with a dollar between her ass pancakes ~ art by Sauce
donut djinn ~ art by Moxie Ramsey
Journey to Juggalo Island ~ art by LADY FRENZY
Lotus Birth ~ art by Sauce
It's not Darwin Day, it's Hitchslap Day ~ art by Sauce
art by For The Love
For The Love
drinks playing basketball ~ art by Portaxx
happily identified ticks ~ art by Puppy Time
Janitor Movie Association of America ~ art by For The Love
For The Love
art by zamza
art by Sanguinary Novel
Ice T as Anne Rice ~ art by Sanguinary Novel
I can't believe it's urine ~ art by Yavuz Sultan Selim
Yavuz Sultan Selim

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