F Plus Episode 227

227: Self Publish And Perish


Our modern internet affords lots of opportunities for self-expression. However, these things remain ephemeral, and some authors long for the physicality of the written word. Fortunately for them, there's America Star Books (formerly PublishAmerica), a self-publishing book company that's innovated the publishing world by removing all those annoying standards of quality. We're looking at a number of descriptions of these books, in the authors' own words (when those words aren't "description coming soon").

This week, you can have a free consultation with a werewolf, but I don't imagine it'll be helpful.

  1. Baroness - Shock Me
  2. My Gold Mask - Burn Like The Sun

Additional Fun

  1. "17 Red Trucks" is a refrence to the Jackson Hole Town Square
  2. The Wikipedia entry on Atlanta Nights (an experiment in PublishAmerica's printing standards)
  3. Atlanta Nights: The Manuscript
  4. Bill Ciccotti is excited about his new book.

Fanart for this episode:

a warewolf lawyer ~ art by 3viltiki
advertisement for a warewolf law firm ~ art by Positronic