About The F Plus

This is The F Plus: Terrible Things Read With Enthusiasm.

The Internet is truly an amazing thing. With scarcely any effort at all, a person can find all sorts of really useful information out there. A staggering amount of information, years of university-level knowledge in any field imagined, can be accessed with little more than a few clicks and keystrokes. The sum total of human endeavour is available to anybody, if they can simply find the right way to search for it.

We at The F Plus are not really interested in any of this, though.

The Internet is also a way for people to express themselves. Never before has it been so easy for anybody to reach an audience of thousands, if not millions. Fame can be easily had where not so long ago it would have been inaccessible. Never before has it been so easy for people with similar interests to collect together to share their views in whatever drew them together.

Most of the time, this is good. We at The F Plus are not really interested in that, either.

Twenty years ago, people with truly bizarre interests or hobbies or thoughts might have just kept quiet about it and lead normal lives. Now that they can find people worldwide with similar interests, they freely discuss it in public. We've become accustomed to simply glossing things over we might read, but having it read aloud can really bring to light just how bizarre some of these hobbies, or thoughts, or interests might be.

That's what we do at The F Plus, we are a bastion of light and clarity--or we just like to read the weird things people post on the Internet and have a bit of a laugh while we're at it.


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