About The F Plus

What is this show?

Put simply: The F Plus is terrible things, read with enthusiasm.

Put less simply: This is a show about insanity on The Internet, and how The Internet makes people insane. Against our better judgement, we’ve been reading the writings of kooks for well over a decade: Conspiracy theorists, alternative healing witches, lonely obsessives, self-absorbed poets, opportunistic hucksters, bored teenagers, angry bloviating opinion-havers, and lots and lots and lots of perverts.

It’s a rich and interesting tapestry out there, and we’re as infatuated by the variety as we are horrified by the effects. We want to explore, and we want to learn, but more than anything we want to laugh. Because that’s at the heart of the show - to delight in the absurdity of it all.

So each episode, we’ll have some sort of topic. We’ll be all reading off the same document (usually provided by one of our listeners), taking different roles as we go and providing our own running commentary and jokes. If that sounds fun to you, great! We have some suggested “first time” episodes listed below. Give it a shot, and if you like it, you can know we’ve made plenty more. Just be aware that the content will be gross on occasion, and we do our best to make it as fun as possible. Also we have no ads and we never will, so you don’t need ask.

If this isn’t to your taste, that’s okay! Maybe you’ll find something else you like instead.

Who makes this show?

In any given episode, you’ll be hearing maybe six people from our rotating roster of a couple dozen different readers - most episodes will have Lemon and Boots Raingear in them, who serve as the show’s producers.

Most (but not all) of the participants of the show participate under some pseudonym, and some prefer not to share photos of themselves. That shouldn’t be weird for you. The Internet is a place where people can use whatever pseudonym they like, and we will choose to respect whatever identity they would prefer to have.

Which episode should I start with?

This question comes up a whole lot, and part of this comes back to “Well, what do you like?”

What you should not do is try to go to the beginning and listen starting from episode 1. Look, we learned a lot along the way, and those early episodes just aren’t very good. Continuity doesn’t matter a lot here. Just find one that seems promising and go from there. We have a tags section for different topics, and profiles if you’ve found somebody you’d like to hear more of, as well as a pretty robust search in case you want something more specific. Most of our readers have their favorite episodes listed on their pages, so you could go with their recommendations, but to get more granular, I’ll give you some recommendations based on the Three Basic Types of episodes we end up making:

Silly Episodes

Pervy Episodes

Crazy Episodes

Running Jokes

You make the same comedy podcast with the same group of folks for well over a decade, and eventually running jokes will develop. And I know I said you shouldn’t start at the beginning (and you shouldn’t), but here’s a couple bulletpoints in case it’s helpful…

  • No Diggity is just an excellent song. You’ve got to bag it up.
  • Magic is pronounced "maj-ik". Magick is pronounced "muh-gick"
  • Sometimes, people censor the word "fuck" with ****. Therefore, we can safely assume that any use of asterisks is meant to be pronounced as "fuck".
  • Very early on in the show’s run, we were reading about a person who was having a serious problem which was affecting their capacity for joy. The next person responded with “I don’t have that problem, good bye!” This is the very soul of Reddit.
  • Also pretty early on in the show’s run, a fella asked The Internet how often he should have buttsex with his girlfriend. And we still don’t know.
  • The very premise of a poorly delivered joke being met with the sound of crickets has been a comedy staple for about a hundred years. As such, we keep having to find new ways to edit crickets into episodes.
  • Frank West has been working on this character named Lemmy. It’s coming along okay I guess.

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