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MedBed: The Bed That Treats

387: MedBed: The Bed That Treats

This episode is all about medbeds. So what is a medbed? Well, first of all it isn't a bed, so let's just get that out of the way right now. It's possibly an MLM scheme, or maybe it's a…

No Gods, Yes Masters

386: No Gods, Yes Masters

I really don't know how the people of royalcello dot website toolbox dot com found each other, but they've found each other. And all of the posters here believe in a single inalienable…

Pee Fans

385: Pee Fans

This episode is about pee fans such as fannywatcher, uniloo, Wet Man J, Iron Bladderman, Greedy Needy Girl, P155wet, girlwipes, Slick Gracey, Miss Piss, wet wulf, Al Fresco, and…

The Angry Apple Nerd

384: The Angry Apple Nerd

Self described appleist Brian Frange has some serious-assed opinions about different types of apples, and he wants to share all of them. And that's... honestly, that's entirely what…

What Is The Meaning of Song?

383: What Is The Meaning of Song?

Song lyrics are an indelible part of our collective cultural confidence, but can often be a puzzle. For all of these popular songs, what do the lyrics actually mean? Well, we're…

Good Reads for Bad Needs

382: Good Reads for Bad Needs

Let's speak honestly for a moment: We're all intelligent, thoughtful, sexual beings, right? And as such, we desire intelligent, thoughtful, well-written pornography, don't we? I dunno,…

Let's Pollute The Planet!

381: Let's Pollute The Planet!

Of course, there's a lot of different ways for people to internalize their own effect on the environment, but the subjects of this episode have become super horny about it. We're…

The Gospel of Digimon

380: The Gospel of Digimon

Project DigiClipse may or may not be a cult founded upon the spiritual belief in the childrens' cartoon Digimon. And it's time for us to learn more. We're starting at Facebook, but…

Unpopular Opinions? On Reddit!?

379: Unpopular Opinions? On Reddit!?

I know, we were surprised as well. But here we are, visiting r/UnpopularOpinion and it turns out there's some bad opinions in here. We weren't gonna watch what happens, but it says…

The Worst Creepypastas

378: The Worst Creepypastas

Okay, so for this episode the plan was for us to read the worst-rated stories on Creepypasta.com, but we spent like half that time on some dude's insistence that his boner for the…

Escape From Garbage Day | Part 1

Escape From Garbage Day | Part 1

In Spetember of 2022, The F Plus convened to make the same mistake they've made four times over: They will convene in the same Twitch stream for 24 hours straight and read 24 different…

Escape From Garbage Day | Part 2

Escape From Garbage Day | Part 2

The next six hours of Escape From Garbage Day bring us to some very strange places; we'll start out by checking in on Pooner & The Snizz trying (and failing) to take calls from the…

Escape From Garbage Day | Part 3

Escape From Garbage Day | Part 3

We're halfway through our Escape From Garbage Day and things are looking... complicated. First we've got Lou (and Lou alone) reading possibly the grossest thing we've ever covered, and…

Escape From Garbage Day | Part 4

Escape From Garbage Day | Part 4

The final six are here! We'll begin with Nutshell and her English accent, then a group of people really suffering thru a repulsive caregiver document, a document about the sexiest…

Your Chance At Love Has Been Removed By A Moderator

377: Your Chance At Love Has Been Removed By A Moderator

Are you looking for love? Well as it happens there's a lot of people on Reddit, so that's probably a good place to start. We're going to be looking into a few different subreddits for…

The Secrets of Infinite Energy

376: The Secrets of Infinite Energy

Good news everybody! The forum members of OverUnity have solved all our energy problems. They've created perpetual motion machines, 3 million terawatt batteries, balloons which are…

Brought To You By Magic Spoon

375: Brought To You By Magic Spoon

If your chakras are all out of wack and you're in the market for new ugly jewelry, Skydin Zeal would love to be your supplier. The owner of a website with where every single word is…

This One Is Mainly About Butt Chugging

374: This One Is Mainly About Butt Chugging

Health & wellness is a complicated issue, and so is the butthole, but fortunately this is an issue that combines both those things. This is an episode of enema recipes - from…

Private Lessons in the Cultivation of SEX FORCE

373: Private Lessons in the Cultivation of SEX FORCE

The redditors of r/SemenRetention are believers in a clandestine warfare they believe has been waged to keep down the underclass by continually robbing them of their semen. These true…

Loohan vs The Lizartarians

372: Loohan vs The Lizartarians

Loohan doesn't care much for Reptilians. Or anyone else for that matter. You see, Loohan's general worldview is... actually, really hard to suss out out. He believes in space monsters,…

Hopscotch Goblin

371: Hopscotch Goblin

Rather than describe what's happening on The Crytpidz Wiki, I'll let the site describe itself: Cryptids are monsters... except that cryptids could actually exist! When talking about…

I Am Hucow, And I Need To Be Milked

370: I Am Hucow, And I Need To Be Milked

Hucows (a portmanteau of "human" and "cows") is a word to describe a special kind of lactation fetishist — a gender-divided community (the cows and the farmers), w…

Destroy Weak Men

369: Destroy Weak Men

In 1996, Diana The Valkyrie set up a website using raw HTML and her own computer in order to provide erotica for people who like the idea of strong women crushing weak men. And now, 25…

Not Even Once-ler

368: Not Even Once-ler

In 2012, Dr. Seuss' widow and the Despicable Me company released a movie called The Lorax. It is entirely valueless, but that's not the point. The point is that the movie had a skinny…

Goodbye! Yahoo! Answers!

367: Goodbye! Yahoo! Answers!

After over 15 years of cultivating some of the dumbest questions The Internet has ever pondered, a series of truly horrific business decisions forced Yahoo Answers to shut down…

Let's Do The Time Loaf Again

366: Let's Do The Time Loaf Again

Hang on, didn't the F Plus do a Mandela Effect episode before? Well, this reality has us going to the r/MandelaEffect subreddit, before realizing that r/Retconned is even stupider and…

The Bimboification of The F Plus

365: The Bimboification of The F Plus

Inteligence iz a u konw, relativ concept, and of absolutely kinda relativ uz. While many wudd venerate intellect and self-determination as key factorz of absolutely living a ful life,…