F Plus Episode 392

392: Fantasy Writers on Reddit


When looking for writing advice, who better to ask than the helpful Redditors at r/fantasywriting? That is a rhetorical question, don't bother answering it.

This πŸ‘ week πŸ‘ The πŸ‘ F πŸ‘ Plus πŸ‘ doesn't πŸ‘ use πŸ‘ commas πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  1. KRS One - Never Give Up
  2. Depeche Mode - Everything Counts
Cover image uses Steve Huffman is a Wizard by Lemon x DALL-E
Chapters provided by Lemon
1 00:00:00 Never Give Up
2 00:00:20 Reader Intros
3 00:01:40 Hey, F Plus!
4 00:03:15 Let's look at r/fantasywriters
5 00:04:45 How do I defeat a person with sound wave manipulation? his powers don't have a limit.
6 00:08:40 Does this sound like from a children’s book?πŸ’€πŸ’€
7 00:10:25 I want to write music into my fantastical fights
8 00:14:45 Is it dangerous to wait until the world is at least 90% built to start writing?
9 00:21:00 Please review my character
10 00:23:15 AITA for being selfish and staying with the man who kidnapped me?
11 00:27:15 Can this Sword Exist?
12 00:33:20 I'm thinking a kind of post-apocalyptic super hero kind of thing
13 00:35:45 Depraved Immortal Supernormal Artists (DISA)
14 00:43:42 Short story - The Queen & Cleo 🌹.
15 00:52:15 War Empress
16 01:04:15 What did we learn?
17 01:07:15 Everything Counts (In Large Amounts)

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