We do this podcast for the same reason you listen to it: Because it's fun. But it's a fun that comes with its own costs and a lot of time expended in everything involved. To that end, we'd like you contribute. Here's how...


  1. Register for a paid account on
  2. Donate via PayPal.
  3. Buy some merch please.


  1. Tell your friends about the podcast.
  2. You've probably got a social media account or three. Share some links to your favorite episodes.
  3. Try submitting a document.
  4. Hey, do you want to add chapters to one of our episodes? You could do that.
  5. We like those drawings you do.
  6. Maybe dig into the F Plus codebase or ballpit codebase on GitHub and make improvements to the site.
  7. Got another way you wanna help? Send Lemon a message.