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To submit content to The F Plus for consideration, create a document on Google Drive and share it with [email protected]. It will be considered and, if fates conspire, read.


We keep all submissions in a single spreadsheet which all the ridiculists have access to. Occasionally, these submissions are scored to assess what we'll read next. The hopper page keeps an up-to-date list of all the submissions under consideration. The dump has all the docs that didn't make it.


The F Plus is very much a collaborate effort, and no single human being should be responsible for sifting through every polyamorous furry neo-pagan poetry slam out there. What I’m saying is: There’s a lot of terrible on this internet, and if we’re going to find the most remarkable bits, we’re gonna need to collaborate.
This is where you come in. Any and all listeners are encouraged to provide us with content for an upcoming episode. And in return, we’ll namedrop you and add you to the meet index.

What do you need?
What I need from you is a document where you provide links to the content worth reading in its natural habitat, as well as pasting in the relevant content itself, so we can see it at a glance as well as save the material if it gets scoured off the site in a rare but unfortunate demonstration of good thinking. I need you to put that document together in Google Drive and then, once you’re happy with it, share the document with [email protected].

How do I make something that will get read?
Okay, at this point, I could offer you all sorts of advice as far as the specifics that we’re looking for in a really good recording document, but fortunately I don’t have to, because in addition to producing well over two dozen episodes’ worth of content for the podcast, everyone’s favorite Finn Montrith has done the service of writing this guide on how to create a good document. If you want to get started, this will provide some good pointers.

I'd really like some help putting this document together
Of course, plenty more before you have needed the same thing, even if it’s trying to just ask like-minded people if they also think what you’re looking at is as funny as you seem to find it. And we’ve set up this section on just for that very purpose.

Here you can start a thread about the topic you’re trying to put together, and hopefully someone will be there to collaborate with you.

If you guys like what I did, do I get my own page?
If you're the primary submitter for a document that gets read, you'll get your own page on the meet index. If that interests you, please provide information for the page at the end of your doc. Here's the information we can display...

  1. Name
  2. Title
  3. Image (must be square, pref. 400x400)
  4. Website
  5. Bio
  6. Twitter
  7. Email
  8. Favorite Episode(s) (numbers only, up to 3)
  9. account

All this information is optional, provide as much or as little as you like. We'll only use the information provided in the doc.