F Plus Document Submission Guide

by Montrith

Since a couple of people have asked me about this privately, I talked to Lemon and he said it would be okay for me to make a thread about creating and submitting a document for the ridiculists to read. So, here are some tips and tricks I myself use when editing a doc. Note that these are in no way official or something you have to follow, I am merely trying to give some advise on how to best make sure your submission gets read.

Collecting the material

So, you've found something on the Internet that the world F Plus listeners absolutely must hear about. Great! Now the only problem is how to convince others of the greatness of your find. Here are the very first things you should do.

At this point you should have a document of about 20 pages full of good material. It's time to think about the presentation of that material. This step is perhaps even more important than your actual topic, as some good editing can make even mediocre material shine. Likewise, if your document is a complete mess it will be very hard for the ridiculists to determine if there's anything there they actually want to use. Here are some basic editing tips to make your doc easier to read.

Editing your doc

My comment here

Link to material

Actual material copy/pasted.

Final touches

At this point you should have a document of about 20 pages, full of reasonably well edited material. However, before you submit it for review you should go through it one more time. Make sure the content is not too samey. People who think they're actually a dragon/cat/fairy hybrid are amusing, but nobody wants to read pages and pages of just "I'm Annie Kitsune and I'm a dragon/cat/fairy hybrid". If it seems to you that some of the entries in your doc are too alike, don't be scared to scrap one of them and try to find something else to replace it. If you can't bare to drop something out completely, then you can always include a list of "Additional reading" at the end of your doc. This should be nothing more than a list of links, with maybe a one sentence introduction from you to summarize what each links is about. This way the ridiculists can check out the additional stuff if they feel like it, but if they're not interested they can easily just ignore the additional contributions.