F Plus Episode 390

390: Do Not Advocate For Unsafe Play


Well, it seems we haven't explored all the ways that Reddit can encourage its own userbase to cause irrepairable harm to their own bodies and minds in the pursuit of sexual gratification, so let's continue our journey with r/estim; It's a subreddit for "Anything Erotic Electro Stimulation", and a place to watch people make their own lives worse on purpose.

This week, The F Plus has some work for a very desperate notary public.

  1. Electric Six - Danger! High Voltage
  2. Rednex - Cotton Eyed Joe
Cover image uses “a hot dog with electric powers, digital art” by Lemon × DALL·E
Chapters provided by Lemon
1 00:00:00 Danger! High Voltage
2 00:00:20 Reader Intros
3 00:02:40 Hey, F Plus!
4 00:04:00 About r/stim
6 00:05:35 First Time using an Estim and had my first HFO
7 00:08:30 where the electricy almost feels a little bit "little salty, sweet sour" thingy
8 00:10:58 The "Ghost Fuck" sensation
9 00:16:20 Oh Crap! Kapow, Biff, Splat, Bonk
10 00:22:55 What does it feel like on the balls?
11 00:24:40 I love ball stimming!
12 00:26:38 Stealth Stimming: Quick Removal and Where to Hide
13 00:28:50 Is public stimming a thing?
14 00:34:00 a chronology of posts describing the life of Diamond Hand Joe 69 - a life which is (very clearly) getting worse with every reddit post he makes
15 00:38:15 What episode was that?
16 00:39:30 Variation on CockHero Stim files
17 00:45:40 2B Audio/Moaner with Call of Duty. You get shot at and your butt literally tenses up!
18 00:51:05 Virtual Succubus
19 00:52:15 Some questions about the Virtual Succubus
20 00:55:15 Ruined orgasm/Estim shock
21 00:59:25 Would anyone here be interested in this estim webapp I've built?
22 01:01:33 Skipping the section on DIY Electrocuters
23 01:03:55 Talked with a sexual health specialist about estim!
24 01:05:38 What did we learn?
25 01:11:18 Cotton Eyed Joe
26 01:11:53 This is a very small selection of the electricity puns made before the episode started. The raw audio has like two dozen of them. I considered using all of them but it turns out I like you more than that.