F Plus Episode 396

396: No Poo For My Real Friends


While their name might confuse you, the NoPoo community is actually dedicated to abstinance from the use of shampoo. They have all realized that by not using any cleaning product in their hair, they will all end up with hair that is healthy, luxuriant, and beautiful. So their only question: Why is my hair thinning, waxy and smelly?

This week, The F Plus is tried for warcrimes at the Showerhaig.

  1. Gnome - Wenceslas
  2. DEADLETTER - Degenerate Inanimate
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Chapters provided by Lemon
1 00:00:00 Wenceslas
2 00:00:30 Reader Intros
3 00:01:40 Hey, F Plus
4 00:03:35 Some Basic Tips On Going No Poo
5 00:06:25 Is shampoo leaching to your blood stream until it reaches your brain ?
6 00:09:15 My no poo journey
7 00:11:32 Funky smell at nape of neck
8 00:16:00 Baking Sode leaves hair greasy, what to do?
9 00:21:00 Somebody tries to use dog shampoo, but that's in a Reddit post we aren't going to read.
10 00:22:10 Coffee rinses/Coffee ground scalp scrubs
11 00:25:50 Still trying to find my groove
12 00:31:45 I've Been 'Pooed: A Salon Horror Story
13 00:38:40 Partner dumping me over hair odor
14 00:41:40 7 years without shampoo, some experiences and questions
15 00:50:35 ---RECIPES---
16 00:51:10 Water wash is icky but I tried this recipe with good results
17 00:54:04 Rye Flour Recipe
18 00:59:05 Moisturizing Aloe Honey No Poo Recipe
19 01:04:05 Tea Rinse Tips
20 01:08:15 What did we learn?
21 01:12:05 IsThisNickiMinaj.com
22 01:12:58 Degenerate Inanimate
23 01:13:30 Michael McKean on AC/DC

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