Sir Rev. Dr. Prof. John Kitchin Ph.D, Esq.

168: Sir Rev. Dr. Prof. John Kitchin Ph.D, Esq.

You've probably come up with your own beliefs on sex, politics, race, religion, and capitalism, but you're about to realize that all of those beliefs are wrong. And maybe that reads…

Hentaint Misbehavin

167: Hentaint Misbehavin

Luscious.net is a (hentai focused) pornographic website where members can do the things they usually do on a pornographic website - by which I mean set up a profile, argue about…

Saturday Is Alright For Chickenfighting

166: Saturday Is Alright For Chickenfighting

Everyone wants to have a lover they can trust. Someone with whom they'll feel admired, safe, and unique, and someone who will pick them up when they are down. However, some specific…

Redefine Paranormal

165: Redefine Paranormal

There's quite a bit of debate on the existence of ghosts, and all of those debates are stupid and pointless. But fortunately, there's a forum over at anybodythere.net that sidesteps…

Father Goose's Nursery Crimes

164: Father Goose's Nursery Crimes

Mpreg is a term that means "male pregnancy". And if you know that, you've been on the internet for too long. But you're in good company, because we're gonna spend the longest…

This Beat Is Dope

163: This Beat Is Dope

Drugs are expensive. Plus they're dangerous and illegal besides, so it should come as no surprise that there are swaths of people who are looking for alternative ways to get their…

Eee! Pinions!

162: Eee! Pinions!

"Caveat Emptor" the old adage says, but that adage is in Latin and doesn't mention the drive-thru window, so it might as well not even exist. We're looking at two different…

A Miserable Pile of Secrets

161: A Miserable Pile of Secrets

Vampires, as a concept, tend to fall in and out of favor, depending on the trends of popular culture. And with that shift in trends, so too is there a flux in the number of people who…

To Serve Otherkin

160: To Serve Otherkin

Listen buddy, I don't want to eat your human food. I might look like a human, but I'm actually a bullfrog in my soul, so I want to eat bullfrog food. Except I don't want to eat bugs…

But Is It Deviantart?

159: But Is It Deviantart?

We're all familiar with DeviantArt as the best place on the internet for crudely drawn pictures of Sonic The Hedgehog hit with a shrink ray and then eaten alive by the the girl in…

I Call It The Vaporhighzer

158: I Call It The Vaporhighzer

Conventional thinking leads to conventional problems. And when a conventional problem needs an unconventional solution, you'll need to step outside of your own mind to really…



There's many non-orgasmic things that have been compared to orgasms, but probably none are quite as silly as the traditional sneeze. The subjects of tonite's episode would disagree,…

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Auto Moronic Asphyxiation

156: Auto Moronic Asphyxiation

Internet eroticism is a varied, confusing, and repulsive subject. To that end, this is an episode about people who have sex with cars. Confused? Well, if you listen to this entire…

The Search For Terrestrial Intelligence

155: The Search For Terrestrial Intelligence

There's a whole lot of planets out there, but this one's mainly nimrods. We're looking at the curiously named alien-ufos.com, a very popular forum for true believers to discuss the…


154: Witchyhow.com

We've done some other magick episodes, but we haven't yet learned the spell that causes any of this to make sense, so we're gonna keep at it. This time, it's PaganLore.com, another one…

What A Rip Off

153: What A Rip Off

With so many websites run by people with dubious ethics (take this one for example), we've been introduced to RipoffReport.com; an Alexa ranked website where the people who've been…

F Plus Live 3 | Weird Romance | Part 1

F Plus Live 3 | Weird Romance | Part 1

From the raucous Grumpy's Bar in Downtown Minneapolis, The F Plus Live is back! This time with an overarching concept of Weird Romance, you'll be hearing pieces many different books,…

F Plus Live 3 | Weird Romance | Part 2

F Plus Live 3 | Weird Romance | Part 2

We got a lot of love to spread still. STOG: Becoming An Elf Mommy bumpgrrl: Konigsburg's Model Lemon: Popping It by Tim Popper Jimmyfranks: Pandora's Box by Em Furey John Toast,…

F Plus Live 3 | Weird Romance | Part 3

F Plus Live 3 | Weird Romance | Part 3

It's the last leg of F Plus Live 3, and we're not running out of energy. Boots Raingear: Taken by the T-Rex by Christie Sims The Not Ready For YouTube Players: Dark Knight Reboot,…

This Ain't Episode 152 XXX

152: This Ain't Episode 152 XXX

AdultDVDTalk.com is a forum where people talk about porn. And uh... Yeah, I think that pretty much covers it. This is definitely one of the gross ones. This week, The F Plus abandons…

F Plus Sings

151: F Plus Sings

SongWritingFever.com is a place on the internet where self-professed songwriters can post lyrics without accompaniment, and it's up to the internet to build a song around what they…

Snoot By The Foot

150: Snoot By The Foot

It's probably a complicated confluence of biology and experience that leads a person to become a foot fetishist, but it is a confluence that clearly happens very often, if the internet…

There's A Reason Why We Don't Do Drugs Together

149: There's A Reason Why We Don't Do Drugs Together

When you get a room full of drug enthusiasts together, the topics of conversation are somewhat predictable; Terrible music, guys we ain't seen lately, and where can we get more drugs.…

Exclusive Unoriginal Content

148: Exclusive Unoriginal Content

The community of contributors to tvtropes.org are clearly experts in consuming mass media. They've honed their skills in identifying devices, contrivances, holes and structure in…

This Episode Doesn't Need A Title, Man

147: This Episode Doesn't Need A Title, Man

The understanding and definition of "truth" is constantly redefined, expanded, and re-evaluated with new information as it is learned. Fortunately for us, the brave citizenry…

Don't Patreonize Me

146: Don't Patreonize Me

What is the value of art? That's very difficult to say. It's possible to get your art to sell for hundreds of millions of dollars, but first you'll have to be dead and have your life's…


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