F Plus Episode 202

202: The Forum And The Fury


Life can be frustrating at times. To that end, there are sites on the internet where people can go and type the subjects of their anger into a form for others to read. These screeds can be on any subject, and restrictions of logic, spelling or grammar do not apply. Also, posting a screed usually means you get involved in flamewars with the other users of this website. And while none of this is helpful for the people involved in posting on the website, the results can be read aloud and help you feel better about yourself.

This week, don't smash your keyboard. A portal might open up.

  1. Chic - Le Freak
  2. The Tick cartoon theme
Chapters provided by birdie
1 00:00:00 intro: the golden age of woods porn
2 00:02:56 you are eating all the goddamn plants!
3 00:06:07 baiting portaxx with guy’s hair
4 00:08:25 YOU become the bible beater
5 00:15:26 Fat ppl And Scooters
6 00:17:28 texting is dumb (hold for applause)
7 00:22:12 a fight in mcdonlads
8 00:31:17 to fart or not to fart
9 00:37:27 the worst thing you did
10 00:43:32 lemon refuses to join the badminton team
11 00:46:37 I hate my parents :(
12 00:52:53 what the fuck is with some girls?
13 00:55:29 isfahan wants to fuck everything
14 00:58:32 ha ha ha your penis is burnt!
15 01:00:09 how to remove a tick from your balls
16 01:05:57 what did we learn from any of this?

Fanart for this episode:

art by eldritchhat
happily identified ticks ~ art by Puppy Time
Lemon going through a portal ~ art by Sauce