F Plus Episode 195

195: Heaven And Urth


Urth looks and plays like the world's shittiest video game. The creators insist that Urth is not a game (which is why they call it Urth the Game), but a path to prosperity, a tool for resurrecting the dead, a meditation conduit to alleviate your fears, and a method for winning the lottery - not for the money, just, you know, to prove you can. But video game or not, you're still moving a man in a labyrinth to min-max your Spirituality.

This week, The F Plus is droppin' payloadz all over the place.

  1. Dr. Octagon - Earth People
  2. The Limousines - The Future
Chapters provided by birdie
1 00:00:00 brought to you by cyberpower pc
2 00:01:20 intro: spiritually unfulfilled
3 00:03:28 how to install orbs
4 00:06:13 prosperity path active blessing
5 00:10:36 But is it legal? Is it moral? Is it ethical? Is it witchcraft?
6 00:13:14 it's time to talk about mojos
7 00:16:42 who does the work? (peals of helpless laughter)
8 00:26:02 what is an orb?
9 00:27:21 goddess: do you have any idea What She Does For a Living???
10 00:36:21 pan: the roguish God of Robust Sex and Reproduction
11 00:39:35 humiliation: the body-mind Earthian thing
12 00:41:50 love 2.0: a new dimension
13 00:47:19 instant fixes: the spiritual mafia sells you a shitty tan
14 00:54:33 let's get to some testimonials
15 01:04:01 so did we learn anything?

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