Let's Do The Mind Warp Again

182: Let's Do The Mind Warp Again

The human mind is a very confusing and (in some cases) profoundly stupid thing. And for the merchants and community of WarpMyMind.com, that can only mean one thing: opportunity! The…

Go Fund Yourself
episode 181 : Go Fund Yourself

181: Go Fund Yourself

What a wonderful time it must be if you're the owner of a crowd funding website! Presenting one such example, GoFundMe is a crowdfunding site where people can raise money for a cause…


180: r/un_away

There have been some recent controversies surrounding reddit, where just because of the actions of a few hundred thousand bad apples, the future of the website and of the fracturing…

Use Only Food Grade Ingredients

179: Use Only Food Grade Ingredients

Okay, I think it's high time for another food episode! This time around, A Meat and Montrith have provided us with a splendid menu of undercooked and shouldn't-be-cooked dishes, from…

The Measure of a Man (Base to Tip)

178: The Measure of a Man (Base to Tip)

Body issues are a factor in just about everyone's life, but for a lot of men (and some women) the singular issue of penis size is an obsession which usurps just about everything else.…

How To Listen To A Podcast You Hate

177: How To Listen To A Podcast You Hate

So have you had enough WikiHow episodes at this point? Of course you haven't. You are a human being with a capacity for joy and wonder. And there's a bunch of people who weren't in the…

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How To Listen To A Podcast Your Parents Hate

176: How To Listen To A Podcast Your Parents Hate

Boots gets more WikiHow for his birthday.

I Am I Am I Am (Annoying)

175: I Am I Am I Am (Annoying)

Does any modern society appreciate poetry more than the creative types over at Tumblr? Yes, of course. But would any other modern society be so quick to ape the creative output of…

Icky Pedia

174: Icky Pedia

So many video games are all about violence, where's the games with the sex in them? Well, it shouldn't surprise you to learn that they're here, and that's because they've been imported…

Sins of the Djinn

173: Sins of the Djinn

On this podcast, we've covered a lot of people who claim that imaginary things are real, BUT THIS... IS ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF THAT! We're looking at the universe of "Djinn",…

Untidy Whities

172: Untidy Whities

Hey, so have you ever had a wedgie before? And follow up question, did you find the experience intensely erotic? Well, for your sake, I'm hoping the answer to at least one of those…


171: r/mystupidopinions

There's so many opinions on the internet, and those opinions are held by people who take considerable effort to try to convince others that their own opinion is correct. But what…

Tickle Me Weirdo
episode 170 : Tickle Me Weirdo

170: Tickle Me Weirdo

Why do we like to laugh? A lot of reasons, really, but let's just go with "because it feels good". But if something just "feels good", does that mean that people on…

I'm Gonna Cuddle Everybody In This Room
episode 169 : I'm Gonna Cuddle Everybody In This Room

169: I'm Gonna Cuddle Everybody In This Room

Being social animals, humans need human contact. There's been research done, but it's a self evident truth: We feel better about ourselves when we think there are others in our lives…

Sir Rev. Dr. Prof. John Kitchin Ph.D, Esq.

168: Sir Rev. Dr. Prof. John Kitchin Ph.D, Esq.

You've probably come up with your own beliefs on sex, politics, race, religion, and capitalism, but you're about to realize that all of those beliefs are wrong. And maybe that reads…

Hentaint Misbehavin

167: Hentaint Misbehavin

Luscious.net is a (hentai focused) pornographic website where members can do the things they usually do on a pornographic website - by which I mean set up a profile, argue about…

Saturday Is Alright For Chickenfighting

166: Saturday Is Alright For Chickenfighting

Everyone wants to have a lover they can trust. Someone with whom they'll feel admired, safe, and unique, and someone who will pick them up when they are down. However, some specific…

Redefine Paranormal

165: Redefine Paranormal

There's quite a bit of debate on the existence of ghosts, and all of those debates are stupid and pointless. But fortunately, there's a forum over at anybodythere.net that sidesteps…

Father Goose's Nursery Crimes

164: Father Goose's Nursery Crimes

Mpreg is a term that means "male pregnancy". And if you know that, you've been on the internet for too long. But you're in good company, because we're gonna spend the longest…

This Beat Is Dope

163: This Beat Is Dope

Drugs are expensive. Plus they're dangerous and illegal besides, so it should come as no surprise that there are swaths of people who are looking for alternative ways to get their…

Eee! Pinions!

162: Eee! Pinions!

"Caveat Emptor" the old adage says, but that adage is in Latin and doesn't mention the drive-thru window, so it might as well not even exist. We're looking at two different…

A Miserable Pile of Secrets
episode 161 : A Miserable Pile of Secrets

161: A Miserable Pile of Secrets

Vampires, as a concept, tend to fall in and out of favor, depending on the trends of popular culture. And with that shift in trends, so too is there a flux in the number of people who…

To Serve Otherkin

160: To Serve Otherkin

Listen buddy, I don't want to eat your human food. I might look like a human, but I'm actually a bullfrog in my soul, so I want to eat bullfrog food. Except I don't want to eat bugs…

But Is It Deviantart?

159: But Is It Deviantart?

We're all familiar with DeviantArt as the best place on the internet for crudely drawn pictures of Sonic The Hedgehog hit with a shrink ray and then eaten alive by the the girl in…

I Call It The Vaporhighzer

158: I Call It The Vaporhighzer

Conventional thinking leads to conventional problems. And when a conventional problem needs an unconventional solution, you'll need to step outside of your own mind to really…



There's many non-orgasmic things that have been compared to orgasms, but probably none are quite as silly as the traditional sneeze. The subjects of tonite's episode would disagree,…


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