F Plus Episode 178

178: The Measure of a Man (Base to Tip)


Body issues are a factor in just about everyone's life, but for a lot of men (and some women) the singular issue of penis size is an obsession which usurps just about everything else. The members of the Large Penis Support Group (or LPSG) are bonded by this preoccupation, and large penises, as an abstract concept, begin to shape their worldview. Meanwhile, for our part, we made fewer cheap jokes than you'd expect. This week, The F Plus is going to destroy your toilet paper rolls.

Editor's note: Between the recording of this episode and the time it was released, the Large Penis Support Group forum had a massive structural overhaul. Congratulations, guys.

  1. White Hassle - It's So Hard
  2. DEVO - Be Stiff

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