im•`prüv yər lek•sə•`kän

276: im•`prüv yər lek•sə•`kän

For nearly 20 years, the website Urban Dictionary has been providing definitions for words and terms not covered by the Merriam-Webster dictionary. And that statement is true, so you…

Plane Crazy

275: Plane Crazy

Our world was made a lot smaller with the proliferation of airplanes. Costing hundreds of millions of dollars apiece, an airplane can provide safe and efficient travel over the…

The Computer Wrote These

274: The Computer Wrote These

In a complete departure from our usual approach, we spend this episode composing and reading text using Botnik's predictive text generators: the system used to write Harry Potter and…

Flashlight Enthusiasts?

273: Flashlight Enthusiasts?

There's a couple hundred thousand members of CandlePowerForums and I don't mind telling you: those folks are really into flashlights. In what is probably our most jargon-filled…

Yiff The Gathering

272: Yiff The Gathering

Furoticon is a game similar to Magic: The Gathering, but with two important distinctions: The objective of the game is to get your furry trading cards to have sex with each other and…

The Screenplays of ComicsNix

271: The Screenplays of ComicsNix

ComicsNix is a somewhat prolific fan fiction author who became a brief point of internet interest after writing a story where Severus Snape has sex with all the Teletubbies. But that's…

A Glove Fetish Is Like A Watch Fetish But With Gloves

270: A Glove Fetish Is Like A Watch Fetish But With Gloves

The World Wide Glove Fetish Association (or WWGFA, for those in the know) is a surprisingly popular forum where the predominantly British members discuss the intricacies of their…

So, I Guess I'll Just Keep Holding Out For A Hero

269: So, I Guess I'll Just Keep Holding Out For A Hero

“Real Life Superheroes” is a somewhat confusing term, because it describes actual living human beings who wear costumes and write bios in the third person espousing their worldview and the…

How To Win At ASCII Art

268: How To Win At ASCII Art

Since 1995, GameFAQs has served as a hub for video game walkthroughs and strategies. While this is of little concern to our podcast, the fact that this website also contains a forum…

We Resentfully Attend

267: We Resentfully Attend

As the previous episode on this subject (#129) can attest to, the people who blog about their weddings on Offbeat Bride are really into nerdy things. And it's okay if you don't believe…

For No One's Consideration

266: For No One's Consideration

The Movie Ideas Wiki is (and this is going to come as a surprise) a wiki wherein people write and catalog ideas they have for movies. But (and this may come as an even bigger surprise)…

Only The Preambles To Recipes

265: Only The Preambles To Recipes

Food blogging has a conundrum: People like to read and share recipes, but with there only being so many unique varients on "Sausage And Peppers", how can one particular food…

Folks On Amazon Reviewing Dildos

264: Folks On Amazon Reviewing Dildos

As the world's third largest retailer, Amazon provides a marketplace with an ever expanding range of products like groceries, fine art, television shows, video game streams, and…

Not Always On Topic

263: Not Always On Topic

Previous subject notalwaysright.com (which titles itself as "Not Always Right - Funny & True Stores") has sections other than the one where cashiers totally own customers…


262: WikiPlow

The website Wikiporno is fun to say. In addition to that, it's a Media Wiki site where, as best as we can figure, three guys lovingly catalog all of the pornography they have seen, and…

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Ask Reddit And You Shall Receive Reddit

261: Ask Reddit And You Shall Receive Reddit

With a subscribed userbase of 18 million, r/AskReddit works with a simple premise: One person asks a question, other people answer it. And that open-ended concept means means Reddit…

F Plus Live 6 | Conjuring Satan | Part 1

F Plus Live 6 | Conjuring Satan | Part 1

The F Plus Live 6 is the biggest and most dangerous F Plus Live in history. After explaining the premise of the show, Lemon starts out handing out documents (or "spells"),…

F Plus Live 6 | Conjuring Satan | Part 2

F Plus Live 6 | Conjuring Satan | Part 2

Lemon receives a phone call from his supervisor and the plan changes. More readers! We need more readers! Ironicus & Cheapskate: wikiHow (The Good vs Evil Edition) Lou Fernandez:…

F Plus Live 6 | Conjuring Satan | Part 3

F Plus Live 6 | Conjuring Satan | Part 3

For the last segment of F Plus Live 6, we consult a supercomputer and our nearest available Frank West to learn that we have not yet collected enough magicks to summon Satan. And so,…

The Eroticism of Barney Gumble

260: The Eroticism of Barney Gumble

The members of The Burp Fetish Forums share one particular prediliction which is (and this may surprise you) they all have a burp fetish. How does this fetish manifest itself, you ask?…

Eat Me Drink Me

259: Eat Me Drink Me

Hello, podcast listener! This is an episode about making food with bodily fluids. If you're familiar with what we do, you're probably going to like this episode a lot. If you've never…

Do Not Pass Go

258: Do Not Pass Go

The creators and visionaries over at The Game Crafter have some innovative new board and card games to sell you, and they're not hampered by such trivialities as marketability,…

The Wizard Forums!

257: The Wizard Forums!

This episode on The Wizard Forums can best be described with this opening note from the document: Order within each section is approximately “least likely to be a serial killer” to “mo…


256: Findumb

The financial domination subculture is one centered around the act of one person giving money to another personfor reasons which must be self evident. We're looking at the thoughts and…

Thermodynamic Martinets & Jar Jar Breasts

255: Thermodynamic Martinets & Jar Jar Breasts

There's a fella on the internet by the name of saganfan1983 who has a lot of opinions to share about the issues that affect us all, like what breasts should look like or if it's okay…

I'll Show You The Life Of The Mind

254: I'll Show You The Life Of The Mind

The premise of the Millenial-focused superblog Thought Catalog can be neatly summarized in its slogan All thinking is relevant. This is infuriating by itself, and not helped by the…


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