F Plus Episode garbage-day-1

Garbage Day (Hours 1 - 6)

This is Garbage Day! Another 24 Terrible Hours with The F Plus to celebrate bad writing and raise money for the Southern Poverty Law Center. You'd think we'd have learned our lesson.

Portaxx starts us out on the pens as we cast spells, have a braingasm, and do more likpating than is strictly necessary.

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HOUR 2: Statues Are Sexy

Art by Portaxx.

Portaxx's Windows XP machine hasn't broken yet, so let's keep going.

Just in case you're not creeped out by the idea of people fetishizing statues, it turns out this is actually more about robot sex slaves! You're welcome!

Document provided by Heavenator & The Lesbiathan.

HOUR 3: 13 Magickal Moons

Art by Travis Ramsey.

Trav picks up the pen, and Jimmyfranks takes over hosting duties, and we put up a donation incentive to force Frank West to play some terrible game called Botology.

As for the doc, there's some spells to cast, but mostly it's just people trolling letters to the editor.

Document provided by The Heavenator & The Lesbiathan.

HOUR 4: Drug Trip Reports

Art by Travis Ramsey.

Frank West settles into his new life as a professional Botology player and the podcast's foremost drug experts read some Erowid trip reports.

Also: Jimmyfranks auctions off pictures of his cat wearing a cowboy outfit for $500

Document provided by Cheapskate.

HOUR 6: Gentle Likpas

Lemon starts out the hour with a ginuwine flavour, and then we all learn about Likpas or: A Webcomic About Sentient Fairy Penises And The Big Boobed Women Who Care For Them. It's a strange world with a lot of really dense mythology and Lady Frenzy just can't stop drawing those gentle likpas.

Document provided by Lady Frenzy.

Part 2 (Hours 7-12)

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