F Plus Episode garbage-day-2

Garbage Day (Hours 7 - 12)

This is Garbage Day! Another 24 Terrible Hours with The F Plus to celebrate bad writing and raise money for the Southern Poverty Law Center. You'd think we'd have learned our lesson.

We had a strong start, so let's dig in deep to the next six hours of Garbage Day. In this section, we rant about sports, aliens and ghosts.

HOUR 7: The Mormon-Alien Conspiracy

There's a lot of words involved to the Mormon-Alien conspiracy, and few of them make any sense. For that matter, few of them are about Mormons.

But Adam takes us through Mary Sutherland's fever dream of reptoids, booteans, and dinosauroids. Pay attention, damn it!

Document provided by Heavenator & The Lesbiathan.

HOUR 8: Freeballin'

Quite a while ago, The F Plus recorded an episode on Freeballin' (or: The Exquisite Pleasure of An Underwear-Free Lyfestyle), but for reasons I don't recall, the episode was lost.

For this Garbage Day, we're bringing it back, and as Adam found out it's grosser than we remembered!

Document provided by Mix.

HOUR 9: Let's Channel Some Spirits!

Note: This hour has a glitch in the middle, and a couple minutes are lost. DISREGARD THAT. I mean to say: A couple of minutes were MURDERED and now exist in the spirit realm Ohhhhhhhhhhh 👻👻👻

Document provided by Shell Game.

HOUR 11: Sports Suck!

Art by Travis Ramsey.

Frank West is still alive! We hand over the pens to Trav as we try to make it to the halfway point. This hour: Sports suck!

That's a sentiment that some (not all) of The F Plus' participants would agree with, but it's a statement confused when you realize it's all the wailings of one overweight man in El Paso complaining about the heat.

Document provided by Cheapskate.

HOUR 12: Yahoo! Answers

Lemon starts out the hour by telling the viewers their opinions on the Dead Kennedys' album "Frankenchrist" are incorrect. He is reprimanded for the next hour.

With Lady Frenzy on the pens, we answers some very stupid question with some very stupid answers, all the while looking at the donations in horrible horrible fear of what will come next.

Document provided by Zekka.

Part 3 (Hours 13-18)

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