F Plus Episode garbage-day-3

Garbage Day (Hours 13 - 18)

This is Garbage Day! Another 24 Terrible Hours with The F Plus to celebrate bad writing and raise money for the Southern Poverty Law Center. You'd think we'd have learned our lesson.

We're over halfway done and we've got a lot of work to do still. This is definitely grossest chunk of hours, as evidenced by the fact that the live stream viewers paid to make us start this section off with Sissykiss. It gets less gross from there, but that's a complicated thing to measure.

HOUR 17: Transformers Kink Meme

Transformers are robots. They aren't real. They're fictional robots. I just want to mention this up front because the content of the Transformers Kink Meme is unsettlingly sexually violent and you need to remember that Transformers are fictional robots to get thru it.

Shell Game gets her hat.

Document provided by LINDA.

HOUR 18: Clips 4 Sale

We start out the hour with Boots Raingear singing the theme song twice because the first time he didn't realize that he wasn't recording.

That out of the way, Jack Chick is your host and he takes us through the many peculiar fetishes on display at Clips 4 Sale, including the naughty bits of Ayn Rand.

Document provided by GirlKisser420.

We're almost there, folks! The final 6 hours will contain Juggalo Poetry, Jerk off Instructions and WIKIHOW! Keep going, you're not done yet.

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