Do The Dishes, Charles

323: Do The Dishes, Charles

The Redditors on r/BadRoommates are frustrated by their roommates. Why? Well, they'd like to tell you, but that would require a familiarization with the English language far greater…

The F Plus Praises!

322: The F Plus Praises!

Sourced from all over the internet, we're singing songs of praise and worship (25 of them to be exact) and we expect you to feel our love deep inside you, except not in a sex way this…

Clips 4 Bake Sale

321: Clips 4 Bake Sale

Hey, this is a gross one! We started reading a Clips 4 Sale document, and then very quickly realized was all about food. We've got recipes, we've got cooking tips, we've got women…


320: BBB BBB BBB Bind.

The uncredited former owner of ChemtrailsAreDemonic.org has a very straightforward message to explain to you, but if you think the URL will explain it all, you're going to be surprised…

The Alkaline Trip

319: The Alkaline Trip

Alfredo Bowman (aka Dr. Sebi) made an interesting discovery about germ theory: Namely, that there is only one germ, which causes a disease called "disease", which causes…

wikiHow The Game Show | F Plus Live 8 | Heat 1

wikiHow The Game Show | F Plus Live 8 | Heat 1

On January 18th of 2020, The F Plus came to Portland in order to do something very stupid indeed. Sixteen players would come up to the stage, one by one, and read randomly selected…

wikiHow The Game Show | F Plus Live 8 | Heat 2

wikiHow The Game Show | F Plus Live 8 | Heat 2

King Lou Fernandez - How to Survive a Freestyle Rap Battle Jack Chick - How to Become Pope Lemon - How to Report Illegal Immigrants Kumquatxop - B.A.B.E.S. (Bay Area Bug Eating…

wikiHow The Game Show | F Plus Live 8 | Heat 3

wikiHow The Game Show | F Plus Live 8 | Heat 3

Nutshell Gulag - How to Get Rid of Demons Adam Bozarth - How to Turn the Super Bowl into Super Sex! K. Thor Jensen - How to Pretend to Have Ice Powers (for Girls) Shell Game - How to…

wikiHow The Game Show | F Plus Live 8 | Heat 4

wikiHow The Game Show | F Plus Live 8 | Heat 4

bumpgrrl - r/creepybossta Jimmyfranks - How to Fake Your Own Death Bunnybread - How to Throw a LEGO-themed Party (for Adults) STOG - How to Vomit While Driving Hands above the…

wikiHow The Game Show | F Plus Live 8 | Final Heat

wikiHow The Game Show | F Plus Live 8 | Final Heat

Achilles Heelies - Daniel Songer's Comedy Act #191 Kumquatxop - How to Win a Swordfight Shell Game - How to Live in a Dungeon Jimmyfranks - How to Cook Lasagna in the Dishwasher …

Wookiee Ookiee Ookiee

318: Wookiee Ookiee Ookiee

The volunteer researchers over at The Wookieepedia have quite a job in front of them: They must catalog absolutely everything that has ever existed in the Star Wars Universe, including…

Sticky! Icky! Icky!

317: Sticky! Icky! Icky!

The Wiki Sticky Site may no longer be with us, but the fetish it catalogued remains with us on the internet. The people who describe themselves as "Stuck In Glue Fetishists"…

My Thread Is Bigger Than Your Thread

316: My Thread Is Bigger Than Your Thread

The frequent posters over at r/WhoWouldWin are looking for hard scientific evidence of what would happen if Popeye got into a knife fight with Johnny Bravo but also if being in a high…

A Representative Sample Of Fetlife

315: A Representative Sample Of Fetlife

Over six years ago, Montrith gave us a Fetlife document. So thanks, Montrith. This week, The F Plus is really into Snugglefuxxx.

Too Many Pumps

314: Too Many Pumps

From the title alone, you may have some incorrect guesses at what's kept the community over at Newart.com thriving since 1996, but quickly you'll learn (as we did) that they're bound…

The Suicide Banquet

313: The Suicide Banquet

At The F Plus' Suicide Banquet, we're serving the following... Adam Bozarth: Roasted Lettuce, Radicchio, and Endive Achilles' Heelies: Noodle and Coffee Casserole John Toast: Tofu…

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Failure Is The Only Option

312: Failure Is The Only Option

The Redditors on r/NEET self describe as "Not in Education, Employment or Training", and yes that may be a very clumsy acronym, but what they're trying to tell is that they…

I Am The Goddess Of Salvia

311: I Am The Goddess Of Salvia

While bluelight.org is not the only drugs forum on the internet, it has had about two decades to collect nearly half a million users, many of whom are very excited to share their…

Big Gay, Little Gay

310: Big Gay, Little Gay

The people who frequent the unpleasantly named Coiled Fist are gay men with a specific predilection; Either they want much bigger men to be sexually rude to them, or they want to be…


309: !sleep

r/nosleep describes itself as "a subreddit for realistic horror stories." Well, realism is a hard thing to define, and while the stories that live here are mostly poorly…

Is It Edible?

308: Is It Edible?

Originally launched in 2005, Is It Normal? is a website where people can describe their own peculiarities, and the rest of the internet can weigh in on if that is "normal" or…

D'Deer In The Head'dlights

307: D'Deer In The Head'dlights

Ulele is a crowdfunding site for self-described makers to get money for projects they may or may not actually follow through with. How does this differ from the several dozen other…

We ❤️ Hearts

306: We ❤️ Hearts

Cardiophiles are motivated by two things: An intense fetish for the functions of the human heart, and the desire to tell the entire internet that they have a fetish for the functions…

You Get Wet

305: You Get Wet

There aren't a whole lot of people who visit the iSoaker family of websites, but you can't deny the passion they have in their hobby. This is an episode of meticulously documenting all…

The Waste From The Mothership

304: The Waste From The Mothership

The Ashtar Command Crew is a global organization on a mission of.... peace, maybe? It's difficult to say. We're not even sure who's on the crew. Okay, we know three things: Ashtar is…

Garbage Day 2019 (Hours 1-6)

Garbage Day 2019 (Hours 1-6)

On May 18th of 2019, The F Plus endeavored to record a live podcast for 24 hours straight. 24 documents read by groups of 21 different people, backed up by 12 different artists on the…


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