F Plus Episode 337

337: Living In A Vacuum


Five lucky ridiculists from The F Plus Podcast were selected to visit the forums of VacuumLand.Org and read what they found there.
You’ll be happy to know that a love of vintage vacuum cleaners totally isn’t a fetish, except for the times when it is. But they’ve got some pretty incredible vacuum collections that they bring to conventions, and also, eventually, it will be time for poetry.

This week, The F Plus will need you to hide this in your closet for our boyfriend to smell.

  1. Komeda - More Is More
  2. Poetree - Mirage
  3. My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Freaky Fever
Chapters provided by Lemon
1 00:00:00 More Is More
2 00:00:20 reader intros
3 00:01:30 Hey F Plus!
4 00:04:35 the rules of Discuss-O-Vac
5 00:06:22 Why collect vacuums?
6 00:17:15 Anthony had an aunt
7 00:24:35 vacuuming up wasps
8 00:29:50 slurs for people who don't like vacuums
9 00:31:10 vacuums in films and movies
10 00:36:05 Aeoliandave and The Twingle
11 00:45:20 Yes, it is a fetish!
12 00:48:20 The Vacuum Cleaners Club Convention XXXV
13 00:51:05 vacuum in a miniskirt
14 00:53:36 Kirbydude really likes Kirbys, everybody
15 00:57:00 a frustrated young vacuum fan
16 00:58:04 It's Time For Poetry!
17 00:58:45 Eureka Chrome Top
18 01:01:05 A Vacuum Slam Poem
19 01:02:20 poetry discussion
20 01:06:00 There's a washing machine forum too!?
21 01:07:50 a washing machine poem
22 01:11:25 Society doesn't exist in vacuums, but vacuums exist in society.
23 01:11:42 What did we learn?
24 01:14:05 Freaky Fever
25 01:15:05 good one, Frank.

Additional Fun

Squiddy wanted you to see her vacuum
Squiddy wanted you to see her vacuum