F Plus Episode 325

325: Butter Business Bureau

Boots Raingear

The folks over at Bulletproof tried selling coffee with butter in it. And not only did that plan work, but their customers were willing to pay a premium for the experience. So with that lesson learned they expanded the product line: Protein bars, tinctures, vibrating platforms, books, computers with pre-installed software. These are products designed to reverse the aging process. And if that sales pitch sounds compelling to you, please give me your credit card information.

This week, The F Plus puts the coconut in the fire to relieve this bellyache.

  1. La Roux - Bulletproof
  2. Modest Mussorgsky - Night On Bald Mountain
  3. The Floozies - Like Butter

Additional Fun

  1. Harvey Birdman episodes (Adult Swim)