Meet, Fight, Jizz.

344: Meet, Fight, Jizz.

The website MeetFighters is a social network for men who want to inflict pain on one another. This manifests in a number of different ways, plenty of them horrifc, and at least one…

Keeping Cantel Moist

343: Keeping Cantel Moist

Chris Cantelmo is no longer with us, but his teachings remain. He described himself as a Yale Biochemist who, at some point in his life, started taking DMT and had some profound…

Root Beer Advocates

342: Root Beer Advocates

You might have guessed, but Root Beer Review is a site that hosts reviews of different root beers. What you might not have inferred is that all of these reviews are (probably) written…

Lucid Dreaming For Horny Reasons

341: Lucid Dreaming For Horny Reasons

The people on r/LucidDreaming have figured two things out. 1: If they touch the top of their heads while they fall asleep they'll be able to control their own dreams. And 2: Real life…

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Everyone Here Is On Ayahuasca

340: Everyone Here Is On Ayahuasca

The website ayahuasca.com has a forum, and its 21,000 members are (as you might guess) fans of the psychoactive drug ayahuasca. Their conversations are quite profound as they…


339: Afterskin

The topic of male circumcision is a contentious one, but fortunely we're able to avoid all of that by simply reading the words of dullards who are doing horrific things to their own…

Let's Stick Crystals Up Our Vaginas

338: Let's Stick Crystals Up Our Vaginas

The capitalist innovators over at Chakrubs have a whole bunch of different crystals to sell you, and they know where you can cram it. From yoni eggs to yoni nunchucks, for spiritual…

Garbage Day 2020 (Hours 1-6)

Garbage Day 2020 (Hours 1-6)

This garbage year needs a Garbage Day! And so The F Plus took it upon themselves to read crap to a live audience for 24 hours straight, all the while raising money for the National…

Garbage Day 2020 (hours 7-12)

Garbage Day 2020 (hours 7-12)

This garbage year needs a Garbage Day! For our second block, Lemon's gonna take The Intern to Water School, and then we all get to experience true joy (and plenty of verbal abuse) as…

Garbage Day 2020 (Hours 13-18)

Garbage Day 2020 (Hours 13-18)

We're in the night shift! We'll start things off spooky with haunted dolls and questionable stand up comedy, before handing the microphones over to Extra Credit for their four hour…

Garbage Day 2020 (Hours 19-24)

Garbage Day 2020 (Hours 19-24)

The final block of hours lies ahead of us. We've got inedible recipes from Instructables, exaggerated hate over Barney the Dinosaur, people sucking their own dicks, magickal nonsense,…

Living In A Vacuum

337: Living In A Vacuum

Five lucky ridiculists from The F Plus Podcast were selected to visit the forums of VacuumLand.Org and read what they found there. You’ll be happy to know that a love of vintage vacuum c…

Hungry Like The Sasquatch

336: Hungry Like The Sasquatch

The website Bigfoot Eruption has a whole lot of things to say about Bigfoot. Now, Few of those things make a lot of sense, and fewer still seem to be internally consistent, but the…

Friday Morning w/ Pooner & The Snizz

Friday Morning w/ Pooner & The Snizz

Just thought we'd get to today's news after a quick rundown of our court-ordered recognizance.

Planet Horny

335: Planet Horny

The redditors over at r/NSFWworldbuilding are constructing intricate creative universes for one reason: To make themselves horny. This week, The F Plus can say so much with ellipses;…

Doing The Robot

334: Doing The Robot

The forum posters over at Fembot Central are (as you might have guessed) aroused by the idea of robotic humanoid women. And they're all too happy to explore the many facets of their…

Wyt & Wyttycysm & Wytchcraft

333: Wyt & Wyttycysm & Wytchcraft

Occultist author S Rob is an incredibly prolific... typist. His work spans the mediums of advice books, spellbooks, instructional videos, essays, general self-aggrandizement and, of…

Why Don't The Females Understand Bitcoin?

332: Why Don't The Females Understand Bitcoin?

Here's a simple concept: All of the material in this episode was sourced by searching BitcoinTalk for the word "female". This week, The F Plus (like women) really is a paths…

Everything But The Sex Stories

331: Everything But The Sex Stories

Since 2000, Sex Stories Dot Com has been trying to serve its titular goal: Providing the people willing to look at the website with stories of sexual activity. However, that's not all…

The Rites of Price: Amazon Edition

330: The Rites of Price: Amazon Edition

User reviews on Amazon drive a lot of purchasing decisions, so let's have another look at the two most important categories: Cosplay accessories and erotic gay shapeshifter novels. And…

Mid Riff Movies

329: Mid Riff Movies

The forums may be gone, but the stupidity still abounds on the Internet Movie Database. Good reviews of garbage movies, bad reviews of good movies, and generally creepy undertones to…

You Are Likely To Be Yiffed By A Grue

328: You Are Likely To Be Yiffed By A Grue

Fapp is a furry erotic tabletop roleplaying game. Now, credit where it's due, they own the domain balls dot horse, which is a fantastic name. However, as you're about to find out,…

Hypothetically This Is An Episode

327: Hypothetically This Is An Episode

This time around, we're not just going to one subreddit, but five different subreddits, all of which are almost identical, and all of which ask the question "What if my…

Carne Idiota

326: Carne Idiota

The redditors at r/ZeroCarb have a particular diet they want to share with you, and here it is: Meat. Meat at the exclusion of literally everything else. Every other comestible on the…

Butter Business Bureau

325: Butter Business Bureau

The folks over at Bulletproof tried selling coffee with butter in it. And not only did that plan work, but their customers were willing to pay a premium for the experience. So with…

I'm Not Touching You

324: I'm Not Touching You

The Psi Wiki is an encylcopedia devoted to the art of pisonics, which takes great pains to make sure that all the information is completely accurate. So with that said, let's learn how…


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