F Plus Episode 341

341: Lucid Dreaming For Horny Reasons


The people on r/LucidDreaming have figured two things out. 1: If they touch the top of their heads while they fall asleep they'll be able to control their own dreams. And 2: Real life sex is absolute garbage compared to dream sex. Sounds like some people with helpful advice.

This week, The F Plus watches out for Wife Killer Man. He killed his wife!

  1. The Cure - Caterpillar
  2. Billy Ocean - Get Out Of My Dreams (Get Into My Car)
Cover image uses Calm by Masha Raymers
Chapters provided by Lemon
1 00:00:33 Reader Intros
2 00:01:40 Hey, F Plus
3 00:04:01 Lucid Dreaming Orgasms vs Real Life Orgasms
4 00:16:30 Is lucid dream sex 4D masturbation?
6 00:29:40 CR3AMER wanted to be Spider-Man.
7 00:37:45 Who should I lose my dream virginity to?
8 00:38:20 Would an anime girl be 3D or 2D?
9 00:43:45 Don't tell ANYONE on r/anime about this
10 00:44:45 I f**cked Bill Nye
11 00:45:55 The Titanic was an inside job
12 00:52:10 Wet dream with attractive men (I'm not gay)
13 00:55:40 Smoking a blunt with God
14 00:58:15 I made out with the Virgin Mary
15 01:00:40 DON'T PEE.
16 01:03:25 What did we learn?
17 01:05:40 The Big Reveal