F Plus Episode 355



Rather than looking at a single website, we're going on a world tour to experience SWEATER FETISH in lots of different places: Custom-knitted skintight wool catsuits, gay sweater kindle singles, people who get off on feeling itchy, people who haven't had a woman talk to them in over two decades... it's all here, and it's all very hot. But not in that way, in the other way. Whichever way you're thinking of, it's the other way.

This week, The F Plus isn't enjoyable (except for the sweater parts) if you are a straight (not gay) guy. Why do all podcast episodes have to be gay?

  1. Baxter Dury - Sleep People
  2. X-Ray Specs - Oh Bondage! Up Yours!
Chapters provided by Lemon
1 00:00:00 Today's hottest club is called Sweetfish
2 00:00:42 Reader Intros
3 00:02:48 Hey, F Plus!
5 00:07:55 Sweatshirt/long sleeve fetish
6 00:10:40 [Fetish] [Fur] Have any of you used fur during sex? How does it feel?
7 00:13:00 Looking for males or females in Trondheim area
8 00:15:27 (she was ugly)
9 00:18:20 no woman will talk to me
10 00:19:50 I haven't met a girl who wouldn't wear a sweater
11 00:21:12 What is a weird hobby that you’ve been hiding from your family/friends?
12 00:27:10 Chastity panties with 100% goat down cutouts, downy underpants, fluffy underwear, BDSM underwear
13 00:30:05 Crochet Tattoo
14 00:35:00 The Sweater Shoot: A Wool and Sweater Fetish Story (English Edition)
15 00:37:07 Keith's Sock Drawer
16 00:39:20 Sweater Fetish book
17 00:43:20 The Interview - Mia Valentine bound in soft green
18 00:46:40 KNitten Coat fuck
19 00:50:55 Delicious wool hairs from my cock with cum
20 00:53:30 The Wool Sweater
21 01:04:42 A list of websites that no longer exist
22 01:06:20 What did we learn?
23 01:10:50 Literal billionaires. Literally overnight.

Additional Fun