F Plus Episode 358

358: Fighting Over Nothing

Adam Bozarth

The Dream Fiction Wiki is a place where people work very hard to catalog, annotate and describe fake things that never happened. And while this may seem like a useless exercise, the actual determination of "which fake thing is a canonically real fake thing" is a topic that has caused a significant amount of drama in the community.

This week, uhhh.... so what's this episode about?

  1. Magnétophone - Kel's Vintage Thought
  2. Parquet Courts - Wide Awake
Cover image uses Bears by Zdeněk Macháček
Chapters provided by Lemon
1 00:00:00 Reader Intros
2 00:01:30 Hey, F Plus!
3 00:03:02 History & Background
4 00:07:30 TheRoyG is gonna demote himself and leave the wiki.
5 00:10:20 Minecraftia is a country
6 00:15:05 Notchist Shinto (a Minecraft religion)
7 00:18:20 Kozankyo Pizza (a Minecraft novel series)
8 00:21:45 Team Crimson are hackers on drugs
9 00:25:05 The 2007 Anthrax Attacks of Minecraftia
10 00:27:30 F**king Theorists (a song by Jean's Father's A C**t!)
11 00:30:15 Farts (a song by Zara Dawson)
12 00:32:00 List of websites that are banned in Nintendosia
13 00:38:40 Garfield is a game created by Gaming Game
14 00:40:10 Looney Tunes is the first game to be ever made by Gaming Game.
15 00:42:30 Six Flags Over Japan: “It can’t get any more fun than this”
16 00:43:40 Free Quebec (non-canon)
17 00:47:40 Sonic Heaven ( Sonic The Hedgehog's afterlife)
18 00:52:20 A Partial List of the Foods Available At Dubasza Restaurant
19 01:00:30 Anthem is a song about a girl who is named Anthem
20 01:02:40 CoolGamer23 is officially retiring from this wiki.
21 01:09:00 What did we learn?

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