I Am Only A Mouth Yet Cannot Scream

208: I Am Only A Mouth Yet Cannot Scream

Sooooo..... Fleshlight has forums. Did you know this? We didn't know this. Spooks found out about it and now that's what we're reading. As it turns out, this is a surprisingly active…

Can I Borrow Your Brain?

207: Can I Borrow Your Brain?

There's a number of websites out there that can try to teach you some certain type of magic spell, or some certain type of mind control technique, but the superpredators over at Xtreme…

Return To Castle Experience Project

206: Return To Castle Experience Project

The Experience Project is a site where members can share their own life experiences. And then, because this is the internet, those very same members can argue with each other about who…

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A Portland Podcast

A Portland Podcast

Lemon recently visited Portland. He met up with his friends Jack Chick and Nutshell Gulag to explore the city's restaurants, shops and bars. When the day was over and the group had…

Altered Creeps

205: Altered Creeps

The Transformation Story Archive is a very old website where participants share stories about turning into different things: bears, statues, the other sex, and concepts too horrible to…

Slap 'Em Sane

204: Slap 'Em Sane

We've focused on a lot of people with varying mental disorders, so it's time to talk a little bit about mental health. Andy Kadir-Buxton is an unlicensed medical practioner who, in…

It's Toasted

203: It's Toasted

Hoping to make some better decisions in his life, Lemon's been taking some time self examining his smoking habit. Then he reached out to his friend Montrith to see if she had any…

The Forum And The Fury

202: The Forum And The Fury

Life can be frustrating at times. To that end, there are sites on the internet where people can go and type the subjects of their anger into a form for others to read. These screeds…

Retrospective | Part 2

Retrospective | Part 2

For the second half of our restrospective, we've got a lot of topics we need to cover, including how Victor Laszlo deals with depression and what STOG does in an elevator. Those…

Retrospective | Part 1

Retrospective | Part 1

For our 200th episode, The F Plus is looking at a very strange group of people called The F Plus. This is part one of our retrospective episode, and seven of us are going to discuss…

Funding The Infowar

201: Funding The Infowar

For a number of years, and across several different forms of media, Alex Jones has been preaching his own brand of “The Truth” and has built a following doing so. Jones has an agenda to …

Episode #799

199: Episode #799

This episode comes to you from 600 episodes in the future! In that time, there are people who go to a poorly designed forum and say completely improbable things about themselves and…

Strong Body Feeble Mind

198: Strong Body Feeble Mind

Fitness is important. I just typed that onto a keyboard after waking up with a hangover, smoking a cigarette, and then sitting in a chair staring at my computer screens for a couple…

Yahoo? Answers!?!?

197: Yahoo? Answers!?!?

It's been years since our last full journey to Yahoo! Answers, and it's actually kind of comforting to see how little the site has changed. From topics ranging from Race Relations in…

Made With Mechanically Separated Podcast Parts

196: Made With Mechanically Separated Podcast Parts

There's a lot of recipe websites out there, and a lot of websites owned by giant food conglomerates. Fortunately, the internet has a way of synergizing things and these corporations…

Heaven And Urth

195: Heaven And Urth

Urth looks and plays like the world's shittiest video game. The creators insist that Urth is not a game (which is why they call it Urth the Game), but a path to prosperity, a tool for…


194: r/ecuseyourself

No matter who you are, Reddit has something for everyone. A few examples include: complaining about women, complaining about video games, complaining about women playing video games,…

The Thing You Like In Pain

193: The Thing You Like In Pain

Fanfiction is a complicated artistic endeavor. To connect with an audience, a writer needs to exploit a subject that resonates with an audience, and then serve concept, dialogue and…

Patent Pretending

192: Patent Pretending

Okay, we've spent a couple episodes highlighting the brilliance of people who consider themselves "idea people", but now it's time to spend some time thinking about the other…

F Plus Live 4 | Part One

F Plus Live 4 | Part One

This is the audio for F Plus Live, part 1. All of these recordings are also available on video, thanks to Mique. We've put together an F Plus Live 4 playlist right here. We'll confess…

F Plus Live 4 | Part Two

F Plus Live 4 | Part Two

Part two goes to different places as we invite the lads from I Don't Even Own A Television to read what they've found. Also, while Adam Bozarth and Nutshell Gulag couldn't make it to…

F Plus Live 4 | Part Three

F Plus Live 4 | Part Three

Part Three of F Plus Live 4 is brought to you by Wow, That's Almost The 90's Part Three Contains Bunnybread: about four minutes of ad copy (audio only) Adam Bozarth: Masturbate Night…

The Merchants of Urine

191: The Merchants of Urine

Have you ever been out in the middle of nowhere, probably camping or playing golf, and then realizing you really, really need to pee? Have you ever entertained the idea of being the…

Welcome To Planet Thumbsucker

190: Welcome To Planet Thumbsucker

Life is a scary and emotionally draining thing. So it's understandable that we deal with stress, loneliness and fear by using various coping mechanisms. We drink, we smoke, we have…

Paranormal Stupidity

189: Paranormal Stupidity

It's time for some spooky ghost stories! The website my-paranormal-experience.com is one man's mission to document other people's experiences with ghosts, psychics and other paranormal…

We Still Have Questions

188: We Still Have Questions

We've asked a lot of questions on this podcast, but often the answers have not been satisfactory. I'm sure that's a trend that's going to change as we visit Quora: A top-ranked…


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