F Plus Live 4 | Part One

F Plus Live 4 | Part One

This is the audio for F Plus Live, part 1. All of these recordings are also available on video, thanks to Mique. We've put together an F Plus Live 4 playlist right here. We'll confess…

F Plus Live 4 | Part Two

F Plus Live 4 | Part Two

Part two goes to different places as we invite the lads from I Don't Even Own A Television to read what they've found. Also, while Adam Bozarth and Nutshell Gulag couldn't make it to…

F Plus Live 4 | Part Three

F Plus Live 4 | Part Three

Part Three of F Plus Live 4 is brought to you by Wow, That's Almost The 90's Part Three Contains Bunnybread: about four minutes of ad copy (audio only) Adam Bozarth: Masturbate Night…

The Merchants of Urine

191: The Merchants of Urine

Have you ever been out in the middle of nowhere, probably camping or playing golf, and then realizing you really, really need to pee? Have you ever entertained the idea of being the…

Welcome To Planet Thumbsucker

190: Welcome To Planet Thumbsucker

Life is a scary and emotionally draining thing. So it's understandable that we deal with stress, loneliness and fear by using various coping mechanisms. We drink, we smoke, we have…

Paranormal Stupidity

189: Paranormal Stupidity

It's time for some spooky ghost stories! The website my-paranormal-experience.com is one man's mission to document other people's experiences with ghosts, psychics and other paranormal…

We Still Have Questions

188: We Still Have Questions

We've asked a lot of questions on this podcast, but often the answers have not been satisfactory. I'm sure that's a trend that's going to change as we visit Quora: A top-ranked…

Attack Of The 50 Ft Episode

187: Attack Of The 50 Ft Episode

This episode is going to be huge! And other such puns about size, because for this episode we're looking at the confusing world of giantesses and shrunken men; These are people for…

Hokum Pocus

186: Hokum Pocus

The magick is still around us! For this episode, we're returning to SpellsOfMagic.com to learn some more terrific spells, most of which are very seductive in nature! This week, The F…

Because That's Stupid.

185: Because That's Stupid.

"Why not?" is the kind of question that carries with it a lot of connotations of poor thought processes, but in the case of this episode (recorded a while ago), "Why…

Watching You Watching Me Watching Your Watch

184: Watching You Watching Me Watching Your Watch

We've teased it out a couple of times, but now it's finally time to figure out what this watch fetish document is all about, although I cannot say that anyone is going to come out of…

The Poems of Dishonoré De Ballsack

183: The Poems of Dishonoré De Ballsack

This time it's all poetry all episode! Specifically, erotic poetry. More specifically, "erotic" "poetry", because the things we're reading largely fail to meet the…

Let's Do The Mind Warp Again

182: Let's Do The Mind Warp Again

The human mind is a very confusing and (in some cases) profoundly stupid thing. And for the merchants and community of WarpMyMind.com, that can only mean one thing: opportunity! The…

Go Fund Yourself

181: Go Fund Yourself

What a wonderful time it must be if you're the owner of a crowd funding website! Presenting one such example, GoFundMe is a crowdfunding site where people can raise money for a cause…

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180: r/un_away

There have been some recent controversies surrounding reddit, where just because of the actions of a few hundred thousand bad apples, the future of the website and of the fracturing…

Use Only Food Grade Ingredients

179: Use Only Food Grade Ingredients

Okay, I think it's high time for another food episode! This time around, A Meat and Montrith have provided us with a splendid menu of undercooked and shouldn't-be-cooked dishes, from…

The Measure of a Man (Base to Tip)

178: The Measure of a Man (Base to Tip)

Body issues are a factor in just about everyone's life, but for a lot of men (and some women) the singular issue of penis size is an obsession which usurps just about everything else.…

How To Listen To A Podcast You Hate

177: How To Listen To A Podcast You Hate

So have you had enough WikiHow episodes at this point? Of course you haven't. You are a human being with a capacity for joy and wonder. And there's a bunch of people who weren't in the…

How To Listen To A Podcast Your Parents Hate

176: How To Listen To A Podcast Your Parents Hate

Boots gets more WikiHow for his birthday.

I Am I Am I Am (Annoying)

175: I Am I Am I Am (Annoying)

Does any modern society appreciate poetry more than the creative types over at Tumblr? Yes, of course. But would any other modern society be so quick to ape the creative output of…

Icky Pedia

174: Icky Pedia

So many video games are all about violence, where's the games with the sex in them? Well, it shouldn't surprise you to learn that they're here, and that's because they've been imported…

Sins of the Djinn

173: Sins of the Djinn

On this podcast, we've covered a lot of people who claim that imaginary things are real, BUT THIS... IS ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF THAT! We're looking at the universe of "Djinn",…

Untidy Whities

172: Untidy Whities

Hey, so have you ever had a wedgie before? And follow up question, did you find the experience intensely erotic? Well, for your sake, I'm hoping the answer to at least one of those…


171: r/mystupidopinions

There's so many opinions on the internet, and those opinions are held by people who take considerable effort to try to convince others that their own opinion is correct. But what…

Tickle Me Weirdo

170: Tickle Me Weirdo

Why do we like to laugh? A lot of reasons, really, but let's just go with "because it feels good". But if something just "feels good", does that mean that people on…

I'm Gonna Cuddle Everybody In This Room

169: I'm Gonna Cuddle Everybody In This Room

Being social animals, humans need human contact. There's been research done, but it's a self evident truth: We feel better about ourselves when we think there are others in our lives…


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