F Plus Episode 232

232: Myers' Frigs


According to the Washington Post, roughly 2 million people a year take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. And according to A Number I Just Made Up, 66% of those were administered by people who work in corporate HR departments, habitually doing the voice of the boss from Office Space, like she's making fun of that mentality, except she's actually saying the thing she's pretending she's mocking and it's not funny, Linda.

Anyway, by having you answer a series of questions, the Myers-Briggs Quiz has been studiously designed, researched and reported to most accurately tell you which character from the Harry Potter Universe you are. And of those, the people who scored INTJ (or Severus Snape) seem to be the most excited about their results. So, here we go to Reddit to read INTJs bragging about themselves and complaining about everything else.

This week, The F Plus Gangbang isn't that serious.

  1. Superhumanoids - Oh Me I
  2. DEVO - Smart Patrol

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