F Plus Episode 231

231: Episode 231 The Hedgehog


The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise has a fanbase that frequently creates their own "original characters" with all of the care, originality and effort that went into the characters they're emulating (which is a compliment to nobody). At the Sonic Fan Character wiki, we're going to read about them, because the world needs to know about Sonic the Hedgehog's cousin, Jack.

This week, it can be!

  1. Steven Tyler - Sonic The Hedgehog Cartoon Theme
  2. Ted Poly & Tony Harnell - Escape From The City
Chapters provided by ikaribattousai
1 00:00:00 Intro
2 00:01:31 Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Character Wiki
3 00:03:27 Wiki Rules
4 00:09:47 Jack the Hedgehog
5 00:24:24 Bangs the Wizardhog
6 00:27:23 Oliver the Bat
7 00:29:20 Braom the Dullahan
8 00:36:13 LeBlanc the Hedgehog
9 00:41:04 Nikki the Husky
10 00:48:10 Lightning the Hedgehog X
11 00:54:49 Samantha the Dove
12 00:59:48 Bunnybread Makes a Choice
13 01:00:37 Derion the Demonic Chameleon
14 01:05:08 A Christmas Party Roleplay Excerpt
15 01:08:48 Spongebob100's Characters
16 01:13:46 Spongebob 100's Crossover
17 01:16:24 Spongebob100's Fan Games
18 01:17:15 Spongebob100's Friends
19 01:19:20 What Have We Learned From Any of This?

Additional Fun

  1. Isfahano's Venetian Temptations, by Zekka
  2. Browse Images on the Sonic Fan Wiki
  3. How to play The Hedgehog Game: Search "[your first name] the hedgehog" on Google Images or DeviantArt. Compete with friends for the best drawing.
  4. Lemon's magnet from Kumquatxop.
  5. gen8hedgehog's Dollmaker (requires Flash) female version | male version


Fanart for this episode:

Suicide Jesus the Hedgehog ~ art by Missy
Suicide Jesus the Hedgehog likes the song Mad World ~ art by Positronic