F Plus Episode live5b

live5b: F Plus Live 5 | The Finnish Incident | Part 2

Boots Raingear

The agony continues! With F Plus Live undaunted by Montrith's first selections, she reaches for incompehensible dialect, hardcore dorkporn, and selections of poetry. Did we mention the nuclear tipped Angry Birds? I'm pretty sure we've mentioned the Angry Birds.

This is part two of three. Jack Chick's reading contains some very questionable dialogue and Kumquatxop's reading contains questionable everything. Boots Raingear gives a variety of pieces from a single author, and Bunnybread's ad is only in the video version.

  1. Eläkeläiset - Smells Like Humppa
  2. Ten Masked Men - Bad Romance
  3. Usher - Yeah!
  4. New Order - True Faith

Additional Fun

  1. Jack Chick: giddy (GIF)
  2. Kumquatxop: Everyone took their clothes off (GIF)
  3. Boots Raingear: sigh (GIF)