F Plus Episode 223

223: Penis Problems & Water

Boots Raingear

Do you understand homeopathy? We don't. So we brought The Internet's own K. Thor Jensen along as we took a good long browse through the forums of ABC Homeopathy. We still don't understand homeopathy, but now we know that a lot of the men who are into it have small, thin penises which don't work very well.

This week, Jimmyfranks doesn't count.

  1. Herb Alpert - A Taste of Honey
  2. The Roots - Water
  3. Trans Am - Shining Path
Chapters provided by birdie
1 00:00:00 intro: what IS homeopathy?
2 00:05:53 can we get some help around here?
3 00:07:57 premature ejaculation is not the main problem here
4 00:18:39 I can feel the worms crawling in my anus
5 00:19:52 kid talks too loud and breaks laws of physics
6 00:22:32 "sexual problems" of the silent hill monster
7 00:29:16 put the mustard on your hot dog
8 00:31:42 low testosterone problems
9 00:38:40 yet more premature ejaculation
10 00:42:53 magic water for depression
11 00:45:08 I'm starving to death and also I pee cum
12 00:52:00 dick problems: how to increase sex power
13 01:01:27 overmasturbation destroy me!
14 01:04:10 toddlers are weird, poison them
15 01:06:04 dick problems 2: masturbation made it happen
16 01:11:37 low testosterone problems 2: sex related numbness in my legs
17 01:17:22 what did we learn?