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F Plus Episode 216
The Moon Man
Boots Raingear

Victor is feeling a little under the weather, and it just so happens that Quantum Man offers "The World's First Downloadable Medicine". In keeping with the spirit of alternative medecine served over the internet, Quantum Man is a gaudy site that promises to cure influenza, malaria, meth addiction, constipation, food allergies, insomnia, erectile dysfunction, and not having your prostate stimulated. And in addition to all that, the product can perform the ever-popular "cleansing your body of toxins", all for the cost of many installments of another cost.

But how does it work? Computers are involved. Beyond that: Shut up. The F Plus is supercharging our prostates.

  1. Fugazi - Latest Disgrace
  2. Superchunk - Sick to Move

Additional Fun

It's worth mentioning that Quantum Man does actually list what they consider to be Clinical Trials on their site. For example, here is the meth addiction clinical trial. I'd point out here any problems in their methodology, if I found it necessary.