Garbage Day 2019 (Hours 7-12)

Garbage Day 2019 (Hours 7-12)

The second set of hours is displayed before you, and it is a varied set of hours. From the musings of one particular wackjob to the harmonic unity of several non-specific wackjobs,…

Garbage Day 2019 (Hours 13-18)

Garbage Day 2019 (Hours 13-18)

Well, there's no point in avoiding the subject any longer - people asked for snot fetish, we're going to read snot fetish. An entire 50 minutes of it, and it's possibly even grosser…

Garbage Day 2019 (Hours 19-24)

Garbage Day 2019 (Hours 19-24)

This is the end. Celebrity feet, spooky ghosts, objectivism, conservatism, gross nerds, crazy racists, and secret wikihow? It seemed like a good idea at the time.

DIY Junk Machines

303: DIY Junk Machines

For well over a decade, John James has been committed to a single mission: Disrupting the economics of the global sex industry by innovationg solutions of upcycled aftermarket parts.…

Don't Forget (I'm) The A-Hole

302: Don't Forget (I'm) The A-Hole

People need a moral arbiter in their lives, and while that's understandable, it's an odd move to trust Reddit to do it for you. And yet, r/AmITheAsshole is there, and it's handling…

300 Episodes

300: 300 Episodes

This week, episode.

Stuffed Full Of Fantasy

301: Stuffed Full Of Fantasy

A previous subject from nearly a decade ago, the website of Fantasy Feeder is still committed to its cause: Encouraging people to overeat to an absurd degree so that other people can…

Lavender Scissors Overlord

299: Lavender Scissors Overlord

With a couple dozen books in the Kindle store at about 300 pages apiece, Morgan Blayde's contributions to the urban fantasy genre could best be described as "relentless". His…

Giving You Tingles

298: Giving You Tingles

The topic of ASMR first caught a number of peoples' attention as a very strange looking and suddenly popular YouTube goldrush. The idea of whispering, crinkling, and providing a number…

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Aliens & Autism

297: Aliens & Autism

While technical writer Michael Menkin may not be an accredited scientist, he is a man of science. One scientific field interests him in particular, and that's the field of sewing…


296: SWORDS!!!

The world can be a scary place, and that's why the folks at BUDK Worldwide are there, day after day, to use that fear as a tool to sell cheap worthless crap to rubes with self esteem…

A Role In The Sack

295: A Role In The Sack

Sex! Sure, it's a thing that people pretend to enjoy, but when it comes down to it, it turns out very few people seem to like the actual physical act. As in all things, it's up to The…

Steve Bannon Ruined Your Sex Robot Conference

294: Steve Bannon Ruined Your Sex Robot Conference

Since 2004, the International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology (or ACE, confusingly) has tried to explore the forefront of the intersection between humans…

Problematic Sex Toys

293: Problematic Sex Toys

Some years ago, we covered some of the sex toys on offer at Bad Dragon. But now this is an entirely different thing. We're taking a tour of different places on the internet, all of…


292: Stumped!

DeviantArt is a strange place with many strange people, chief among them are the titular deviants, who use the site to share and explore their own peculiar sexual predilections. And…

F Plus Live 7 | Seattle, I Guess | Part 1

F Plus Live 7 | Seattle, I Guess | Part 1

It took us until our seventh F Plus Live to figure out that we could do it somewhere other than Minneapolis, and that we could do it in a theatre! We're so excited about the idea that…

F Plus Live 7 | Seattle, I Guess | Part 2

F Plus Live 7 | Seattle, I Guess | Part 2

As is tradition, we return from the break drunker than we were when we started, which becomes really obvious in Lemon's failed introductions. But we've got more crap to read, and we're…

Hi Reddit, I'm On Drugs Right Now

291: Hi Reddit, I'm On Drugs Right Now

Some people use drugs as a method of self-discovery. Some people use Reddit as a way to discover things they don't know enough about. What happens when these two things combine? Stupid…

Smashed Words

290: Smashed Words

With half a million works in their catalog, the marketplace at the strangely named Smashwords describes itself as “your ebook. your way”. And, as long as “your ebook” is a christian cyberpu…

May I Propose Prepuce?

289: May I Propose Prepuce?

When the users over at Adult Fanfiction Dot Org aren't writing porn, they're thinking of ways to critque the ways that you, personally, write your porn. Fortunately, the site has a…

The Rites of Price

288: The Rites of Price

Let's not complicate matters: There are magickal items for sale on Etsy. This episode involves us reading about those items. We square? Great. Now, enjoy our new game show. This week,…

Shorn To Secrecy

287: Shorn To Secrecy

We've previously taught you that being into women's hair is a thing, but it turns out that the cutting of hair is a thing as well. There's a surprising number of sites documenting this…

'Twas The Night of Jack Chickmas

'Twas The Night of Jack Chickmas

So, Cat Examiner submitted a document that was nothing but "Night Before Christmas" style poems. Then, the next day, Jack Chick got drunk and recorded the entire document,…

Topix Not Worth Discussing

286: Topix Not Worth Discussing

The website Topix has been around since 2004 and in all that time has yet to figure out a good reason to exist. It's a news aggregator website with specific regional subsections, and…

Our First And Only Vore Episode

285: Our First And Only Vore Episode

It's kind of weird that a podcast that's existed for as long as ours has, that covers the sort of material that we do, has yet to do a full-on vore episode. Just a primer in case you…

The Politics of Bimboland

284: The Politics of Bimboland

Bimboland (or BimboLand or Bimbo Land, depending) is a browser game where where players create an avatar and then level up their stats, try on clothes, and date other bimbos. Much more…


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