F Plus Episode 302

302: Don't Forget (I'm) The A-Hole

Achilles' Heelies

People need a moral arbiter in their lives, and while that's understandable, it's an odd move to trust Reddit to do it for you. And yet, r/AmITheAsshole is there, and it's handling hundreds of conflicts a day.

This week, The F Plus gets disgusted by an ugly 8.

  1. Sara Bareilles - Sweet As Whole
  2. Nina Simone - Nobody's Fault but Mine (Remastered)
Chapters provided by birdie
1 00:00:00 full metal animal house
2 00:02:45 bunnybread lives a moral life
3 00:05:03 [redacted] criticizies teammates' play in videogames
4 00:10:57 kingnemesis is superior to you in every way
5 00:20:42 clubparty44 violates his girlfriend's privacy
6 00:25:33 gonein3.14 breaks up with his ugly 8
7 00:31:47 blondemarilyn comments on her date's weight
8 00:34:28 [redacted] has nipple problems
9 00:43:48 [redacted] can't stop arguing about video games
10 00:53:07 hiddenmaaaask1 makes his teacher become bias
11 01:05:10 squiddy bails on a date
12 01:16:42 backcountryintellect ignores his kid
13 01:20:14 admindanger might be a shark
14 01:23:35 so what did we learn today?

Additional Fun

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  2. Don't Forget The Asshole Stickers (sold out)