F Plus Episode garbage-day-2019-3

Garbage Day 2019 (Hours 13-18)

Well, there's no point in avoiding the subject any longer - people asked for snot fetish, we're going to read snot fetish. An entire 50 minutes of it, and it's possibly even grosser than you think it's gonna be, somehow. Then it goes into Libertarian Racism after that, so you don't get much respite here. Eventually you get to Adramalech though. Adramalech used to be in a coven with Dave. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

HOUR 14: Freedom Radio

Freedomain Radio (or Freedom Radio) bills itself as "the largest philosophy conversation in the world". I might not know what that means, but I do know that the site's founder is described by Wikipedia as "a Canadian podcaster and YouTuber who promotes scientific racism and white supremacist views". So that should set expectations.

Oh, and they've got forums? Oh... boy.

Document provided by Kanyesutra.

HOUR 16: 'twas The Night of Jack Chicksmas 2

Hey everybody! Let's watch Jack Chick give himself alcohol poisoning!

Document provided by Girlkisser & Shell Game.

HOUR 17: The Saga of Adramalech

Jack Chick is in recovery, and this hour rules. Adremelech is a member of the Occult Forum, and was, at one point, trying to resurrect Ronnie James Dio. Adramalech is in a coven with Dave, but Dave is his nemesis. Dave can't even do a flip.

Document provided by Girlkisser.

HOUR 18: Hungry Little Girl

It's Nutshell Gulag's first ever shift as the show runner. She immediately goes mad with power and forces everyone to read in German accents.

There's sort of an excuse for it, as we're reading a German woman's recipe site with peculiar looking foods like Bavarian Pretzel Casserole and Avocado Caramel Mug Cake. Yes of course there's pictures.

Document provided by Mix.

You've made it this far, you might as well get to the end. The last part has some more liberarianism, some of it from Tim Allen fans, some fun ghost stories, and eventually Lemon is severely punished with something he will absolutely hate.

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