F Plus Episode 214

214: Jerks Off Of Jerking Off

John Toast

NoFap is a community, fortified by Reddit, where men (and hypothetically women, but always men) can discuss how they've reached their full physical and intellectual potential since they've stopped masturbating. And the results are self-evident when you read the one act plays where parts of their brain argue with their penis. It's a community of tense individuals, and we're gonna figure out why.

This week, Frank West tests his Progressive Death Mettle.

  1. Roy Brown - Mighty Mighty Man
Chapters provided by birdie
1 00:00:00 intro: do you really want to know?
2 00:03:20 dr_fapenstain and friends
3 00:13:20 real advice from a REAL MAN
4 00:21:06 cold showers, my tiny penis, and infinite glory
5 00:24:24 penis vs. cerebral cortix
6 00:27:56 prone masturbation and MUSHY balls
7 00:36:19 dear penis...
8 00:39:56 porn_kills_love has some topics for you
9 00:44:18 it's the men around me (and their hate rays)
10 00:54:47 what IS creepiness, your honor?
11 01:04:43 the universal laws of nofap
12 01:12:10 what did we learn?

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