F Plus Episode live5a

live5a: F Plus Live 5 | The Finnish Incident | Part 1

Boots Raingear

Finland's plot is unleashed! In the fifth F Plus Live show (The Finnish Incident), each reader will approach the stage to be met by Montrith's courier, who will give them material they have never seen before and must read right then and there. The results are dramatic.

This episode is divided up into three segments with three readers apiece. The audio presented here is the full live show itself, we also have a YouTube playlist with all the performances and interstitial segments, plus one bonus piece.

This is part one of three. We start out with STOG skipping a whole bunch of pages while he scrolls through his inventory list, and then Frank West explores a fetish that he thinks he understands by the end. Rounding out the first part is bumpgrrl who has both religious and dietary advice.

A huge thank you to Mique for handling the filming of this chaotic event, as well as the editing of the video afterwards. All of the video in this show was made possible by him.

  1. Portugal. The Man - Someday Believers
  2. Eläkeläiset - Jääkärihumppa (Final Countdown)
  3. The Temptations - Get Ready
  4. Backstreet Boys - Everybody (Backstreet's Back)

Additional Fun

  1. Visit the ball snuff club for all the plastic ball destruction you could ever hope for (site by Boots).
  2. STOG: This is garbage (GIF)
  3. Frank West: It might be wholesome (GIF)
  4. bumpgrrl: not endorsed by jesus (GIF).