F Plus Episode 222

222: The Left Hand Complaints

Jack Sensation
Boots Raingear

With an estimated 2.4 million visits per hour, PornHub is one of the most popular websites on The Internet. In serving up petabytes of data to a huge customer base who are, by design, short term participants you might think that these participants would prefer to be anonymous. As an F Plus listener, you are probably also aware that there's a certain category of people who have a lot of opinions about the pornography they consume.

To that end, this is PornHub Feedback: A place for people to argue about how their fetishes should be treated, Britain's role in the EU, and shadowy conspiracies that present you with niche porn that match your thought processes. This week, listen to F Plus Premium for only 40 million sexcoins.

  1. D.I. - Pervert Nurse
  2. The Box Tops - The Letter