F Plus Episode garbage-day-2020-1

Garbage Day 2020 (Hours 1-6)

This garbage year needs a Garbage Day! And so The F Plus took it upon themselves to read crap to a live audience for 24 hours straight, all the while raising money for the National Network of Abortion Funds. This block of videos has psychics, reddit, fart fetishists, and everybody's favorite frequently fired duo: Pooner & The Snizz. So settle in and start watching. Because you can't sleep if you fear your dreams.

HOUR 1: E-Zine Articles

Art by Spooks.

To begin our adventure, we're looking at the terribly designed collection of terrible content called Ezine Articles, and I still have no idea why it's called that. Old people are going to complain about young people, men are going to complain about women, and Hanson is gonna Mmbop. Twas ever thus.

Document provided by Ray Thompson.

HOUR 2: A R/eturn to r/relationships

Art by Spooks.

For our return to r/elationships, we look at all sorts of situations where redditors ask the internet for relationship advice, and nobody offers anything of value in response. From dudes with sword collections to girlfriends with improper meat distribution, it's bliss for nobody.

Document provided by Puppy Time.

HOUR 3: Fart Fetishists

We start out our third hour by providing a donation incentive to force Frank West to play the terrible game Bullet Witch, and then we immediately hit that goal, while he was trying to make some food for himself.

With that sorted, Kumquatxop leads us into the gaseous world of fart fetishists, and oh, what horrors they have for us. There's the dreadful pun of "ass phyxia" and some fanfiction, and then, eventually, it's time for poetry.

Document provided by Cat Examiner.

HOUR 4: Psychic Bitch

It's hour 4 and Frank West is finally in his video game prison, playing Bullet Witch non-stop. Meanwhile, the rest of us are off to the website Psychic Bitch - a website that offers free psychic readings and dubious SEO advice.

There's also some spells you can buy. And there's also psychic poetry. CHI-HUA-HUA!

Document provided by Secret Gaygent 69.

HOUR 5: Pooner & The Snizz

Having just been fired (with cause) from their previous radio station (The KLAP), Pooner & The Snizz find a new home at the oldies station KQHF, which is NOT pronounced "The Queef", and the segment producer really wishes Pooner & The Snizz would stop doing that. They fulfill their morning DJ responsibilities by taking calls from the audience and dismissing every single one of them, and the station managers just get more and more angry at our two lovable DJs as they transition into a game that's legally distinguishable from The Price is Right

Document provided by Pooner & The Snizz.

HOUR 6: The Monster Girl Encyclopedia

Boots' theme song really sets the mood for Hour 6, which is (in case you're confused) anime monster girls fuckin'. The Monster Girl Encyclopedia is somehow separate from the Monster Girl Quest RPG, and it has an active forum. We'll learn a little bit about that before studing the monster girls themselves, then promptly regret doing any of that at all because this one is gah-rosssss!

Document provided by Mix.

We're only a quarter of the way through! Head on over to part 2 for wikiHow the home game, Jack Chick's poetry prison, and Bunnybread's own Rap Pad!

Also, if we have stickers for Pooner & The Snizz's newest venture. You should probably get one while you can.

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