USB Slap Bracelets (with The Music of Garbage Day)

USB Slap Bracelets (with The Music of Garbage Day)

We spent some time trying to figure out the exact perfect medium to contain all the music of Garbage Day, but eventually we found it.

These genuine working slap bracelets contain an 8Gb USB 2.0 flash drive, some of which will be taken up by audio files.

All 24 tracks, composed and recorded by Boots Raingear to start every hour are stored on these bracelets as well as a Bonus Song by J W Friedman, and some custom-built useless software by Lemon. Like all F Plus merch, this is available in a limited run, and these things are going fast, just FYI.

The bracelets are 230mm x 22m, and are 4mm thick. They weigh about 20 grams. They'll come to you in a biodegradable translucent bag, shipped USPS.

Cost is $16, shipping included.

Well, that's useless, isn't it?
    —a customer's fiancé