F Plus Episode garbage-day-2020-3

Garbage Day 2020 (Hours 13-18)

We're in the night shift! We'll start things off spooky with haunted dolls and questionable stand up comedy, before handing the microphones over to Extra Credit for their four hour block.

HOUR 14: The Daniel Songer Comedy Hour

Art by Hux.

We've been anticipating it for months, and this is the Daniel Songer Comedy Hour. If you don't know who Daniel Songer is, this hour might be the best introduction. He's a comedian with a number of routines, but more than that - he's a comedian with a certain performance style.

Adam Bozarth has collected the text of some of these routines, and his only rule: No doing a Daniel Songer impression.

Document provided by Adam Bozarth.

HOUR 15: FreezeRay Poetry

Art by Hux.

The Extra Credit hours begin here. We're on a Weebly site called FreezeRay Poetry, which describes itself as "words for nerds by nerds", so that means you're going to get terse, almost religious poetry about Game of Thrones, Iron Chef, Harry Potter, Mindy Kaling and the McElroy brothers.

Document provided by Mix.

HOUR 16: Historical Erotic Roleplay

Our second Extra Credit hour begins here, and the EC folks return to a website I forget the name of in older to read the most erotic stores of Ye Olde Tymes. Although, between you and me, it's mostly Hamilton.

Document provided by dijon du jour & Shell Game.

We've been on quite an adventure, haven't we? Well, let's close this out with the last block of hours, where we've got recipes, magick, champions, and people sucking their own dicks.

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