F Plus Episode 333

333: Wyt & Wyttycysm & Wytchcraft

Seashell Chief Beef
Boots Raingear

Occultist author S Rob is an incredibly prolific... typist. His work spans the mediums of advice books, spellbooks, instructional videos, essays, general self-aggrandizement and, of course, poetry. We can't cover everything he's written in a single episode, but we can just cover the general tone. Including reading his bio twice.

This week, The F Plus sets sail on the SS Metathree.

Correction: Boots' original reading of S Rob was at F Plus Live 5: The Finnish Incident

Additional correction: Further evidence demonstates that Open University is a legitimate educational institution. Apologies for the assumption, apparently two seconds of Wikipedia is not enough to base a conclusion on in this case.

  1. Wonderful Kids - A Kind of Magic
  2. Siouxsie and the Banshees - Spellbound