F Plus Episode 280

280: For A Better Slearth

Boots Raingear

Of the many Stack Exchange communities out there, the brave souls at the Worldbuilding Stack Exchange are the ones working tirelessly to solve the very dumbest of problems. Got a problem with your fictional alternate reality universe? Logistics you want to work through? Poorly drawn metaphors you want to hammer home with Hard Science? Let's waste our time together.

This week, The F Plus asks what is a hat.

  1. Wire - Too Late
  2. Johnny Cash ft. Big Bird - Don't Take Your Ones To Town
Chapters provided by ikaribattousai
1 00:00:00 Intro
2 00:01:53 Stack Exchange!
3 00:05:21 Normal Stupid: Birds Can Mind Control Everyone
4 00:10:30 Normal Stupid: How Could a Kitsune Hide Herself?
5 00:14:30 Normal Stupid: Naughtiness Conversion Coefficient
6 00:18:20 Stupid Stupid: Pheline Phlobotomy
7 00:26:33 Stupid Stupid: Vampire Visibility
8 00:32:04 Stupid 2.0: Space Rabbits
9 00:35:36 Stupid 2.0: Cloud House
10 00:38:42 Stupid 2.0: Warden of Slearth
11 00:45:20 Stupid 2.1: The Wizarding World of Genegineering
12 00:49:55 Stupid 3.0: Math World!
13 00:58:40 What Have We Learned from Any of This?

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