F Plus Episode 299

299: Lavender Scissors Overlord


With a couple dozen books in the Kindle store at about 300 pages apiece, Morgan Blayde's contributions to the urban fantasy genre could best be described as "relentless". His protagonist has a magical tattoo that helps him straight up murder a hundred guys in hand to hand combat, and I don't need to tell you that the female characters in his books like that very much indeed.

Because sometimes you have to fight fire with hellfire, there’s episode 299 of The F Plus: Raised as a demon, armed like a gun merchant, and fueled by booze. Poorly constructed sentences are in this episode and this is that what this episode then does best.

  1. Pantera - By Demons Be Driven
  2. Joey Bada$$ - Rockabye Baby
Chapters provided by ikaribattousai
1 00:00:00 Intro
2 00:01:43 A Brief Introduction to Morgan Blayde
3 00:03:38 Because Sometimes You Have to Fight Fire with Hellfire
4 00:06:19 Sacramento is Kind of Like a Portal to Hell
5 00:08:56 Jumping Flaming Hoops Like a Circus Poodle
6 00:10:28 Death by Chocolate and Demons
7 00:12:03 Caine Deathwalker Has No Chill
8 00:17:25 A Token Human Vice Principal with Attitude
9 00:20:02 The Distraction of a Passionate Grim Reaper Boy
10 00:21:48 The Wild Magic in Her Blood
11 00:22:42 A Bad Boy Demon Zombie Mothman
12 00:24:30 I Was Short Compared to Most Men, but a Dragon Hid Inside Me
13 00:43:19 Shots from the Peanut Gallery
14 00:45:31 Coming and Cumming are Homonyms
15 01:06:48 What Did We Learn from Any of This?
16 01:10:06 Outro