F Plus Episode 294

294: Steve Bannon Ruined Your Sex Robot Conference


Since 2004, the International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology (or ACE, confusingly) has tried to explore the forefront of the intersection between humans and computers. But some changes in the steering committee and a surprise keynote speaker set forth a chain of events we simply must explore.

This week, The F Plus needs you to refill your smell cannisters before we Kissinger you again.

  1. The Limousines - The Future
  2. Whitest Kids U' Know - Sex Robot

Additional Fun

  1. David Levy: Sex With Robots: Yes! (YouTube)
  2. Many terrifying images of The Telenoid
  3. a terrifying video of The Telenoid
  4. Lou made this image of the Telenoid
  5. ZX Vega+ News A timeline of the ZX Vega debacle, with a section on the ACE debacle.
  6. A GIF of a woman using the Kissinger and not looking super happy about it.
  7. That's not great.
  8. Lou's Christmas Rap