F Plus Episode live7a

live7a: F Plus Live 7 | Seattle, I Guess | Part 1


It took us until our seventh F Plus Live to figure out that we could do it somewhere other than Minneapolis, and that we could do it in a theatre! We're so excited about the idea that we start things off with a musical number, before moving right in to reading crap!

  1. 2 Wrongs Don't Make A Right (A Christian Puppet Play)
  2. Ghost Stores from true-ghost-stories.com
  3. I Don't Need That Junk (A Christian Puppet Play)
  4. 7 Poems from nwanime.tv
  5. Halloween Honesty (A Christian Puppet Play)
  6. A question from Quora about Harry Potter and atheism

And this is only the first half of the experience: Part 2 is here.

  1. Rogers & Hammerstein - Oklahoma!

Additional Fun

Fanart for this episode:

Latawnya plays a smoking game and a drinking game ~ art by Sauce