F Plus Episode 298

298: Giving You Tingles

Boots Raingear

The topic of ASMR first caught a number of peoples' attention as a very strange looking and suddenly popular YouTube goldrush. The idea of whispering, crinkling, and providing a number of close wet sounds is very much tied into the happiness of a certain demographic who we're honestly a little concerned about.

This week, The F Plus contemplates the opposite of nails on a chalkboard.

  1. The Cure - Close To Me
  2. Madonna - Justify My Love
Chapters provided by ikaribattousai
1 00:00:00 Intro
2 00:02:56 People on YouTube Make Noises Into a Microphone
3 00:05:29 The Ghost of Experience Project
4 00:11:35 Facts Don't Care About Your Shivers
5 00:17:16 The "Science" Behind ASMR
6 00:21:41 Ginger and Serotonin
7 00:24:46 ASMR in Dangerous Places!
8 00:26:53 Lost: My ASMR
9 00:32:52 The Weirdest Request Ever
10 00:34:57 The Lonliest Guy Ever
11 00:41:33 Boner List
12 00:51:00 It Attracted a Lot of Creeps
13 00:55:38 No Homo
14 01:10:37 The Thing Nutshell Doesn't Want to Read
15 01:16:07 What Did We Learn from Any of This?
16 01:20:03 Outro

Additional Fun

  1. Apparently this scene from Hook is ASMR. (YouTube)
  2. Comedian and Entertainer Daniel Songer (ballp.it)
  3. HideRec: The "remove YouTube Recommendations" Chrome plugin described in the episode.