F Plus Episode 293

293: Problematic Sex Toys


Some years ago, we covered some of the sex toys on offer at Bad Dragon. But now this is an entirely different thing. We're taking a tour of different places on the internet, all of which want to you to have sex with truly horrifying objects.

This week, limited edition F Plus toys are available in chafed anus.

  1. Knuckles O'Toole-Crazy Otto Rag
  2. Macy Gray - B.O.B. (Battery-Operated-Better)
Chapters provided by ikaribattousai
1 00:00:00 Intro
2 00:01:17 Kumquatxop's Emotional Wellbeing is Turgid
3 00:03:30 This Dolphin Penis is Too Hard!
4 00:07:17 Use Vegemite as Lube
5 00:11:19 Brining Pleasure to Anyone's Nighttime Adventure
6 00:17:11 A Day on Kaiju Island
7 00:23:03 A Craving for Saltwater Candy
8 00:26:32 Pokésex
9 00:30:29 Bitcoin Buttplug
10 00:35:32 What Happened to Our Dildo Scientists?!
11 00:45:09 An Out-of-this-World Impregnation Experience
12 00:49:36 Do You Want a Softball in Your Ass?
13 00:55:21 Watership DTF
14 01:04:55 The Deepest Depths of My Depraved Mind
15 01:07:48 What Have We Learned from Any of This?
16 01:11:39 Outro

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dingo ate my dildo ~ art by renew